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Casa Feliz Historic Home Engagement: Julia & Darrius

Casa Feliz Historic Home Engagement: Julia & Darrius

Casa Feliz Historic Home Engagement: Julia & Darrius​

When I first met Julia and Darrius, it was via a ZOOM call. That's right, I shared before that I will talk to my couples via ZOOM or even FaceTime if needed because I understand that sometimes they can't always meet in person (with me), but are ready to book and don't want to wait. Plus, I have nothing to hide! I host a LIVE SHOW (every Thursday) where I'm on video helping couples with their weddings, so I'm used to being seen on camera anyway, lol. During their consultation, I learned more about Julia and Darrius. Julia, is a Health Care professional specializing in labor and delivery. She also educated Mom's on breastfeeding. Darrius, is a commercial driver that travels from state to state. One cool fact about these two lovebirds is that they are getting ready to launch their handmade butters. You can follow them on Instagram here (@jujurosebutter). Darrius and Julia met in 2003 at Sebastian River High school which is in Julia's hometown. Darrius was new to the area and ended up staying at Julia's high school for only a year. They wren't dating at the time, but Darrius had a crush on Julia. Can you blame him? Julia is both smart and beautiful; double win! Life happened, and they reconnected via Facebook 4 years ago where they started out being close friends, and now they are engaged!

What did you do on your first date? (Per Julia) "Our first outing still as friends was to Blue Martini for live music and a movie. The first official date was to play pool! Yes play pool !! I had expressed a while back that I wanted to learn how to play pool and Darrius was attentive and remembered that. So, one night he said I want to take you somewhere special and that is where we went in Downtown Delray, Beach Fl. Out of all the many fancy dates and trips out of the country that date is still one of my favorites!" - Julia

What are some of your favorite things to do as a couple? We love doing all things spontaneous. We