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Casa Feliz Historic Home Engagement: Julia & Darrius

Casa Feliz Historic Home Engagement: Julia & Darrius

Casa Feliz Historic Home Engagement: Julia & Darrius​

When I first met Julia and Darrius, it was via a ZOOM call. That's right, I shared before that I will talk to my couples via ZOOM or even FaceTime if needed because I understand that sometimes they can't always meet in person (with me), but are ready to book and don't want to wait. Plus, I have nothing to hide! I host a LIVE SHOW (every Thursday) where I'm on video helping couples with their weddings, so I'm used to being seen on camera anyway, lol. During their consultation, I learned more about Julia and Darrius. Julia, is a Health Care professional specializing in labor and delivery. She also educated Mom's on breastfeeding. Darrius, is a commercial driver that travels from state to state. One cool fact about these two lovebirds is that they are getting ready to launch their handmade butters. You can follow them on Instagram here (@jujurosebutter). Darrius and Julia met in 2003 at Sebastian River High school which is in Julia's hometown. Darrius was new to the area and ended up staying at Julia's high school for only a year. They wren't dating at the time, but Darrius had a crush on Julia. Can you blame him? Julia is both smart and beautiful; double win! Life happened, and they reconnected via Facebook 4 years ago where they started out being close friends, and now they are engaged!

What did you do on your first date? (Per Julia) "Our first outing still as friends was to Blue Martini for live music and a movie. The first official date was to play pool! Yes play pool !! I had expressed a while back that I wanted to learn how to play pool and Darrius was attentive and remembered that. So, one night he said I want to take you somewhere special and that is where we went in Downtown Delray, Beach Fl. Out of all the many fancy dates and trips out of the country that date is still one of my favorites!" - Julia

What are some of your favorite things to do as a couple? We love doing all things spontaneous. We love Groupon and finding deals on things we don’t do often. We love nature-driven activities like bike riding or hiking in trails. Nature is meditation for us. We also like trying new vegan restaurants in the area or wherever we are traveling to at the time.

How about the ring: Tell us a bit about it. Who designed it? Where was it purchased from? If there is a website you can refer to, please include it. The ring is from the International Diamond Center in Orlando, FL. On a random visit there with Darrius looking at earrings I handpicked a princess cut diamond and said I loved it. I guess Darrius knew in the back of his head he would be securing that diamond sold by theInternational Diamond Center. The mounting of the ring is from designer Gabriel and Co. ( | IG: @gabrielandco). This designer specializes in custom rings. The setting has a segment from 3 ring styles that I chose made into 1 ring. The top of the setting is 3 stone (1 big diamond, 2 small diamonds) which represents past, present, future. The perfect representation of our love story. Darrius knew what I wanted and worked with the jeweler and the designer closely to design the ring perfect for me. There is no other ring like it!

How Did The Proposal Happen? (From Julia) Darrius proposed to me 6/16/2018 (June for the month we became official and the 16th day because we both started our dream careers on the 16th day 2 years ago) ! I thought I was attending my cousins 38th birthday party but it turned out to be the proposal of my dreams followed by an engagement party with friends and family! I walked into the party dancing like the crowd was doing, and a few steps in I seen a Gold M,R,R, pop up first, then the rest of the balloons popped up spelling “Marry Me”. I immediately busted out in tears as Darrius lead me to the center of the floor where there was a heart with roses. I stood in the middle of the heart. Darrius gave his speech and then got on one knee! Darrius shared with me that he had been planning my proposal for an entire year. I cannot believe my family held that in so long. During that time, he made trips to Vero Beach, FL where he sat down with my parents, grandparents and relatives to ask for my hand in marriage! It could not have been more perfect. Everyone that played an important role in our lives was there!

How has wedding planning been so far? The wedding planning has not been that bad thus far. We have been organized and booked all of our big vendors in the beginning so right now there is not a lot on us, or a lot for us to do. We know as it gets closer it may become a little more stressful, but we also have a wedding planner who will be taking over when that time comes. Our best advice is BOOK EARLY and STAY IN YOUR BUDGET, waiting until the last minute with anything wedding related is not a good idea and neither is spending over what you can afford!

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on your wedding day. We are looking forward to confessing our true love in front of God and our family and close friends. We can’t wait to have fun and share “the best chapter” with everyone.

When it comes to your wedding what are you looking forward to the most working with Unashamed Imaging? We are looking forward to the unique ways Anesha captures photos. Unashamed Imaging's style of photography is amazing, and we can’t wait to see it depicted in our wedding photos. We also mostly love of all Anesha's (lead photographer) personality. She’s the type of photographer a bride needs to make wedding days less stressful. So definitely looking forward to that!

Engagement Session Team: Photographer: Unashamed Imaging

Dress: Windsor Pumps: DSW Makeup: Ashley Lucus (Instagram: @ashmarbeauty) Velvet Blazer: Asos Slacks: Zara Shoes: Steve Madden


Dear Julia and Darrius, Thank you for choosing me to capturing your wedding day. I am more than excited to be a part of your special day and can't wait to see the both of you on your wedding day. I know you guys are a bunch of jokesters, so I know you will have lot's of love and laughter on your day. Here's to the Rose Wedding!

Unashamed Imaging photography and videography
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