3 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Significant Other

3 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Significant Other

3 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Significant Other

Are you ready for cupid to come knocking at your heart? Valentine's Day happens to be that one holiday that you can celebrate with anyone anywhere. Whether it's a close friend, someone you're courting, your husband, your wife, or even a family member, you can still celebrate the love you have for them and more. Truth be told, my mother has been my Valentine for years. I haven't had a Valentine since Elementary school and I'm not sure that counts as he gave a rose to all of the girls in our class (lol). His name was Robert. I remember that because we had the same peacoat. I never complained to my Mother about buying that coat for it because it was just like his, but there was that one time we grabbed each other's coats by accident. My love juju didn't rub off on him though (shrugs shoulders - lol). Here are a few things you can do for Valentine's Day! You may not even need to leave your home.: 1. Plan a lunch date with a friend, family member, or significant other. That's right- You can take any of these people to lunch on Valentine's Day. If they don't live int he same state, perhaps sending them a virtual gift card to their favorite place to eat is a great alternative. You can even go to the same spot where you live and if you have an iPhone, take it a step further and FaceTime each other.

2. Plan a romantic evening at home. A. If you happen to know a single female and you're close friends that will brighten her day and keep her from focusing on the fact that "her prince charming" didn't send her a set a roses. Trust me, I know. B. Minimal can be very impactful when it comes to love. Sometimes going all out can be too much for both parties or overwhelming. Plan a movie night with some popcorn and enjoy each other's presence. If you want to kick it up a notch you can plan a romantic dinner and get dressed up.

3. Book a Photoshoot.

Did you think I would leave this one out? Why would you think that, this is what I do -lol. When it comes to planning a photoshoot for Valentine's Day you want to schedule it in enough time for you to share your love visually either on Valentine's Day or very soon after. If you plan on proposing on Valentine's Day you need to make sure you book a photographer in enough time as this tends to be a day that moments like this happen, and your favorite photographer might be booked. Don't look for a discount session because you won't get what you're really hoping for. A proposal or engagement session is ideal.

At the end of the day, know that you are loved and that Valentine's Day is just a day where the whole world celebrate's love intensely.

So, what are your plans for Valentine's Day? Leave a comment below.

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