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3 Practical Tips for Video Use in 2019

3 Practical Tips for Video Use in 2019

3 Practical Tips for Video Use in 2019

It's definitely that time of year when every educator, speaker, strategist, or consultant has the secret to your success for the next year. You're probably wondering why I would say that being that I am a video-marketing strategist, it's because, as always, I keep it real - that's the best way to be. I also know that, I don't give fluff, I give real tips, tools and strategies, so I'm not ashamed to share what normally happens for that reason as well. If you signed up for my email list, you probably received the email that went out this week about my goals for 2019 and how I want to serve all of you! If you didn't, simple opt-in to download my Video-Marketing Strategy Guide and I'll receive your information to add you to the email list. Now on to what you really came here for. As you know, I’m not only an amazing photographer and videographer, but I’m also a kick-a💲💲 Video-Marketing Strategist and Content Creator! I share valuable content regularly to you and I'm truly thankful to have you a part of this community. Today, I'm sharing I’m sharing a 5 Practical Tips for Video Use in 2019! Are you ready? Here we go: 1. Live-Streaming: Whether Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or all three, going live will put you in front of your target audience and keep you top of mind. If you want to know how you can #livestream to multiple platforms at one time, check out @Loola.TV ! It’s easy to use and a great timesaver. Actress and Grammy-award winning singer JLO used @Loola.TV for her red carpet premiere of #SecondAct.

2. Use #VideoBlogs: These are supportive videos that you add to a blog post. You can either upload the video directly to your website (if it supports it) or embed a video using relevant video content that you have on YouTube or Vimeo. Making User-Generated content is key! 3. Use Video on @Pinterest: Yes, you read this right! #Pinterest is also a valuable search engine and a great way to connect with your target audience. Start by looking at your Boards as main categories. Then think about cornerstone content that you can shoot videos for that are relevant to each category. 4. Use Video On Your Contact Page: Avoid neglecting your website. You want to nurture people that come to your website and take the time to fill out your contact form. There are different type of videos you can use on your contact page. Head over to to access my Free Resources. In 2019, I’m releasing brand new content and this will be one of the topics. 5. Develop an IGTV Strategy: Yes, IGTV is not going anywhere and is a great way to organically market to your current audience and those who are in need of your content. If you’re struggling with a Video-Marketing Strategy, @learnwithac’s 2019 Strategy Guide is now available on the website {LINK IN BIO}! DM me if you’d like me to send it directly to you! I also have a FREE Facebook group where I share a lot of content about this and more! It's also important to keep a few other things in mind. First, think mobile and global. Local is great competition, but with the Internet, your business and your reach is no longer around the corner. You can speak, reach, and serve anywhere in the world. Marketing that way! While you're at it, make sure you remain authentic. Don't be someone you're not; you'll loose people that way quick. Especially Generation Z - they can smell fake a mile away! The final tip I'll leave you with is to consider using Facebook for video. There are a lot of thought about it not being a platform to showcase video anymore, and that people are leaving it, but that's not completely true. Some people left once the "pay to play" method was forced upon us, but the one's that chose to stay are reaping benefits now - less crowded, more of their content is being shared and long-form video is performing well on Facebook. With over 8 billions views a day, that should be enough KPI to encourage you to stay.



What if you stood out and connected with your target

audience using video in your business? Down this Guide!

LEARNWITHAC 2019 Video-Marketing Strategy Guide

This guide was developed after several years of experience helping creatives and business owners leverage their businesses using video. I love video-marketing, and I want other creatives and business owners to use this marketing method the right way - ultimately to grow their businesses.

  • I know how much video-marketing (done the wrong way), can hurt a business; that’s why I created this guide.

  • Video-marketing is easy, very practical, and worth investing in. I’m here to help you - using my T.A.C.O. Video-Marketing method!

  • This download includes: LEARNWITHAC's in in-depth Strategy Guide, 2019 Content Planner (for video and content ideas), a Content Creation Checklist, Live-Streaming Gear List, and one special bonus piece of content.


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