Getting Started With IGTV

Getting Started With IGTV

If you’re a business owner or creative that wants to take advantage of IGTV and leverage it, then you downloaded this guide because you realize the importance of IGTV in your business. WhileYouTube is still the primary search engine (for video), Instagram TV is not too far behind. In fact, Facebook is doing everything in their power to bring more awareness to IGTV content because they want to be better than YouTube.It doesn’t matter if you’re using your smartphone or your expensiveDSLR. The main goal is to develop content that your following can relate to. You want to format your videos as if they were created specifically for them. Speak their language. Be a reliable resource. Give them content that can help them by granting access via opt-ins that give them tools and resources they need. Want to know more? Here's the link to download the "THE BASICS OF CONNECTING & CONVERTING USING IGTV" mini-guide.

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Anesha Collins is well recognized photographer and cinematographer currently based in Orlando Florida.
 She’s also available for international travel and 

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