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5 Tips for Doing Your First Family Portrait Session

5 Tips for Doing Your First Family Portrait Session

5 Tips for Doing Your First Family Portrait Session

Whether it's a Holiday Session or time for updated family photos,the reason why you're here right now is because you want to seal these moments in life forever. It's not "just photos" to you; it's about the next generation and sharing the love you have for each other through your family photo session. So where do you start? Well, guess what, I'm here to help you get ready for your session so you and your family can have the best experience.

Father throws daughter in the air.

1. Trust Your Photographer When you book a photographer for your family heirloom session it needs to be someone you trust and get along with. Why? Because you not only need to be comfortable as adults, but if you have children they need to be comfortable with the person behind the camera. The photographer knows that they need to get down on the level of your child or children; so it's important for your family (the little ones) to like them as well.

Little girl sitting on box for family mini session

2. Choosing Your Outfits When choosing your outfits for your session, think about two things: comfort and location. For your location, this will be discussed in advance between you and your photographer. From there, pick outfits that go with that environment. You don't have to be a family of twins (outfit wise), but you can simply say within a certain color scheme.

Family sitting on tree in moss park.

Family standing under umbrella for photos session

3. Rest & Stay Hydrated Make sure you get enough sleep for your session. Crankiness comes with not sleeping enough before your session. If you're having an early morning session then make enough time to have breakfast. Stay hydrated and make sure that the kiddos have a snack with them. It's best for the parents to bring a snack as opposed to the photographer to avoid any exposure to food allergies.

4. Have Fun You will find that it is important for you to have fun during this session. Don't treat it like a mandatory chore. This is a precious moment that will carry on for generations to come, so enjoy it!