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5 Tips for Getting Started with Live-Stream Video

5 Tips for Better Live Broadcasts

5 Tips for Better Live Broadcasts

Are you struggling with Facebook Live? Do you watch others that do it with ease and wish that could be you? Well, it can be! I'm here to help you get started. Have a question? Leave a comment and I'll answer it! LEARNWITHAC is an educational platform founded by Anesha Collins of LEARNWITHAC that educates and equips Creatives & Entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful at video-marketing, content-creation, and blogging. WATCH THIS VIDEO:

Video Transcript: Auto-Generated Transcript is not edited for exact wording. 00:00 If you feel like I really want to do00:01Facebook live but I am struggling in00:03this video is for00:16all right so I'm gonna give you five00:18solutions on how you can get started00:20with Facebook live and then I have00:22something in the end of this video for00:24you so watch the whole video through00:26drop a comment if you have any questions00:28you know that's what I'm here for I'm00:29here to help you so let's get started00:32ready y'all see Phoenix back there00:35somewhere right about there so I feel00:38like she's my co-host00:39so we just let her do her thing because00:40you guys love her sometimes one meet00:42alright so anyway so let's get started00:44so the first thing that you really want00:48to do is just start the more time you00:51waste saying I want to do Facebook live00:53ones do Facebook live I wanted to00:54Facebook live I wanted to Facebook lat I00:55want to do Facebook life I really want00:57to do the more time you do that you're01:02not gonna do it so I'm giving you01:05permission to start now using Facebook01:09live boom next I want you to really get01:13rid of your limiting thoughts no one is01:15perfect I've gone live in my Facebook01:17group and I'm talking and I got through01:19a whole presentation nobody heard me01:21because Facebook had a glitch or my mic01:23had a glitch or whatever the case may be01:25so what did I do01:26I just for the moment said dang it I was01:28really loving that I went back and I01:30redid it no nothing's perfect01:32I just scratched my arm in a video like01:34hello things happen so stop thinking01:37that you have to have this perfect you01:40know elaborate production yes some01:42people that I see come through my feet01:44or that I you know I'm in their group so01:46whatever like they have these elaborate01:48like things flying across the screen and01:51all these sound effects great if you can01:53do all that and that's your style like01:55absolutely go for it but I could tell01:57you that most of those people have01:58people on their team that are actually01:59doing those things for them I do some02:02things with my broadcasts that I'll like02:05throw slides and screens because that's02:07my level like I've gotten to a level of02:09confidence and organization to say okay02:12I want to do this live this way or02:14whatever sometimes I go live and I'm02:18like I don't have anything to show I02:23don't have anything to excuse me I don't02:25have anything to really you know you02:28a image for that's another reason why I02:34don't always push for people to do02:37exactly what I'm doing but I guide02:39another part of part one these are like02:41sub parts or part one another thing that02:43I wanted to share is and I did this and02:46I also teach this with conversations is02:49play your favorite music find something02:52even if maybe it's a show that you watch02:54and it makes you laugh beforehand like02:56whatever the case may be like do02:58something that's gonna get you out of02:59your head because for the most part that03:02is what happens with people they're in03:03their head and they're like oh I'm gonna03:05look funny or whatever the case may be03:08blah see blah and it might not even be03:09that case but if you're listening to03:11like your favorite song or whatever that03:13may be and it gets you in that mood in03:15that vibe you're not gonna worry about03:17all this other limiting belief things03:19another thing that I want you to03:21remember when you're going live is you03:23are talking to one person just one just03:33one just one person when you go alive if03:37you keep in the mindset that you're just03:38trying to connect educate help motivate03:41whatever your thing is one person it03:43makes it so much easier for you to talk03:45when I grew speaking engagements and03:47there's a room of a beyond rude whatever03:50I have a I have fun coming up where I'm03:56gonna be talking to over 40,000 people03:59now are they all gonna care what I have04:01to say probably not are some of them04:04gonna care yeah well most of them be04:06engaged absolutely because first of all04:08I know what I'm talking about and that's04:09not being cocky that's really believing04:11in what I'm talking about that's why I'm04:12doing it in first place but my whole04:15point is I'm not there thinking oh my04:17gosh I have to connect with 40,00004:19people I'm like if there's one person in04:20this room that is either inspired04:22educated or motivated by what I'm saying04:24drop them04:27so here's tip number two take some time04:30to generate ideas when I do speaking04:31engagements one of the easiest things04:33that I recommend is start with your04:35frequently asked questions why first of04:37all it saves you so much time like04:41seriously so much time think about04:43people that are coming for your services04:45this is not lazy by the way people come04:47in for your services have the same04:49question so how good do you look when04:52you say hey whatever their name is I04:55have an answer for your question watch04:57this quick video and that's a thing to04:59keep in mind make sure that your video05:00isn't like 8 10 12 minutes long nobody05:03has time for that you could have just05:04responded to an email real quick but if05:06you're doing a video save saves time on05:09both parties ends it helps so much you05:12could throw these videos on your website05:13under your FAQ so under the question05:15they watch that video to get their05:17answer tip number 3 tip number 3 is to05:21keep it simple05:24once again I kind of talked about this05:25when I first opened up that people feel05:28like they have to have this elaborate05:30broadcast because they see all these05:32other people that have an elaborate05:34broadcast and you're like I have to do05:35this if it's not done that way it's not05:38gonna be good like it's not true like05:40I've seen people honestly use their05:42smartphone but their content was so rich05:45that it either went viral or just05:48couldn't connect it with the right05:49people sorry somebody just started their05:51card sorry anyway05:53they connected with the right people and05:56because they connected with them they05:59were able to really penetrate and06:02resonate and then though with some06:04people share it and more people share it06:05and and I feel really bad that this car06:07sounds like a big fart noise sorry but06:10who can it go for the next one06:11hold on tip number 4 is to let people06:14know that you either have a show or that06:16go live they actually really care about06:19what you're doing this may be family or06:21friends have those people in the06:23beginning when you're really starting to06:24get this the ground moving or whatever06:26shakin or whatever you want to call it06:27with this have them show up for your06:30live so that you actually have people06:32that care about you who can engage and06:35I know this may seem like well it's it's06:38like when they say oh well your mom06:39likes everything you do like realtalk06:43my mother received my facebook group she06:45has a business um nobody knows who she06:49is because I don't shout her out like06:50that and I treat her just like a member06:52I'm not rude or anything I'm not rude to06:53my members period but what I'm trying to06:55say she doesn't get special treatment06:57cuz she's my mom but my whole point is06:59that when they show up and when you're07:01new to it it makes it easier because07:04it's someone that you recognize you know07:05they're gonna talk back because they07:06want to see if they really care about07:08you they want to see the best for you07:10with what you're doing so if you if you07:12are committed and you show them like hey07:13this is something I really really really07:15really really want to do I just need07:17some cheerleaders to start then that07:20will help you to really really do it and07:22then gain that confidence and then as07:24your family a friend start to like07:26dwindle out for whatever reason maybe07:27they can't resonate with the content and07:28like look I didn't cheered you on in the07:30beginning now go by then you're like07:32thank you you still love him but you're07:34like I got this thank you so much you07:35know what I'm saying07:36I think you could do it okay last but07:38definitely not least this is tip number07:40five is practice practice practice07:44practice practice in a private Facebook07:48group if you're a part of learn with a C07:50you could practice in my group I07:53actually used to have facebook live07:55challenges in the group and I had to07:58take my bride to take for myself so I07:59stopped doing them because I just was08:01like I can't be consistent right now08:03with them and then I didn't want to08:05disappoint people as well as I'm taking08:06responsibility for that even though08:09there were other factors too I'm still08:11taking responsibility08:13but anyway so this is something that I'm08:14probably going to bring back in 2019 to08:16the group is to have Facebook life08:18challenges where people can really go08:21live as if they were talking to a08:22broader audience in this group and get08:25feedback from the members of the group08:27when I was doing it it worked really08:29really well so even if you're not in a08:31Facebook group for whatever reason I08:32know it's like you can get overloaded08:33with them go live on your personal page08:37but make it only me so you're gonna08:39change the settings to only meet so if08:42you're gonna go live on it what you08:44would do is select live video like this08:46all right and right here where it says08:54public normally like when you make a08:56Facebook post and actually like friends08:57public stuff like that right so it's08:59kind of weird like seeing myself twice09:01actually three times because I have a09:04secondary display right here but anyway09:06what you want to do is drop go to the09:08drop down horses more options and select09:12only me okay and all of this make sure09:15all of this is set up because you're09:16still practicing as if you were gonna go09:18live right so make sure I'd like you09:20have the right mic set up you have your09:22right webcam you're not going to share09:24your screen because the whole point of09:25you practicing is to really talk like09:28this to yourself okay in the moment but09:30I also will keep my tip in mine which is09:32you talking to one person alright still09:35do the stats make your title I would09:38really I wouldn't do any tags because09:39the one's gonna see it this is really09:41for you but definitely do the title and09:43definitely do the description because09:46you want to get used to doing that as09:49well and on this new feature that you09:51can create polls a trivia questions to09:53act your audience during a live video09:55which i think is cool but if you're not09:56there yet don't worry about doing that09:58that's too much09:59but right just stay right here hit go10:02live and now you're live and use the10:04strategies that I teach in my group if10:05you need a Facebook live video script I10:08actually have one so you can definitely10:10get that from me as well but my whole10:11point is I'm talking to you10:13through my face because we live on this10:15screen I forgot to UM ended so let me go10:18back to the primary camera but anyway my10:21whole point is that you could definitely10:23do this you just need to practice and10:24you'll get to the point where you're10:26like oh man this is so easy what was I10:27worried about and it's like just like I10:29said some days I I still I think I still10:33get nervous but not to the point where I10:35won't execute it's more like I just want10:36to make sure that they really resonate10:38with the content that I'm sharing I do10:39you actually want to do Facebook lives10:42Facebook lives are a great way to engage10:44with your audience they definitely help10:46to boost SEO and you can repurpose them10:48on places like your blog your website I10:51cannot tell you how many10:52times I've done alive especially from my10:55wedding business but even for my10:57learner's agency education I've done10:59alive and people will come to me and ask11:03me and I'm like I get excited like I'm11:04literally like because I have a video on11:07it and I can just send it to that that11:09they get to watch it at their leisure11:10and they can say no the whole point is11:14lives really really do work in your11:17favor another thing that I want to show11:18you guys and opening up YouTube right11:20now11:21and I'm gonna go to the secondary11:23display let's see okay okay I'm gonna11:27show you guys a trick okay I think this11:29is super cool I cannot remember if I11:32found this randomly or someone showed me11:34I don't really remember so pardon me but11:37I do know how to do it so I'm sure so if11:40you are thinking of repurposing your11:43lives which you should be you shouldn't11:45just go live on Facebook and then just11:47like like leave it there and you know in11:50Facebook land like you should really11:51repurpose it as much as possible so if11:53you're trying to build blog content this11:56is a great thing to do with your videos11:57what you want to do is load your videos11:59to YouTube now I think you can do it12:02unlisted and do this but I don't think12:04you can do it if your video is private12:06so test that out first actually let me12:09know if you do this tip let me know12:12whether or not it worked for you go12:14ahead and load your video to youtube do12:16all the gizmos and gadgets your your12:17title all that good stuff right and then12:20what you want to do is you want to12:22select these three little dots right12:24here listen I don't know if you can see12:26them cuz my my lower third might be12:28blocking it's right here alright so I12:30know that this word starts with an e I12:34always mess it up so it's gonna call it12:37the three little dots alright so you12:39click the three little dots right here12:40and right here it says open12:44transcripts alright can you guys see12:46that I don't know if you're showing up I12:47don't see it on this12:49so I'm gonna I need to give more space12:53than you guys can see okay it's right12:54there so open transcript so you want to12:56click that right and what do you think13:01it can you see it yeah you can see it13:03this is everything that I've said in my13:06video time coded I mean it can't get any13:11better the only like downfall if you13:16want to say that for this is that it's13:18not you yet you're gonna have to clean13:21it up basically but it's a great way to13:23actually transcribe your videos without13:25having to pay for them for the13:26transcription if you want to pay for the13:28transcription you can use something like13:29brug comm which i think is a dollar a13:32minute based on the length of your video13:33so for instance this video seven minutes13:35and 14 seconds so it would probably cost13:37me anywhere between seven to eight13:38dollars to get this video transcribed if13:40you have the time to do this all you13:42have to do literally is take your mouse13:44or your cursor or whatever and you're13:48gonna highlight everything that you said13:50and then you control see I'm on a Mac or13:53however you gonna copy if you're in a PC13:54you copy it to an actual document so I'm13:58just gonna open up hold on I'm gonna14:03open up you know what I'll just open up14:06notes just to make it easier so I'm14:09gonna open up notes a clean note here14:12alright and all you have to do is paste14:17it or just paste it it twice so give me14:19a second sorry okay so you have to just14:20paste it here and then if this was your14:21blog you can either leave it like this14:23and I know someone who does this I know14:25someone who does this and they have a14:27professional platform I'm like that's so14:30smart if you're solo and you don't have14:32the time but you still want to provide14:33one words for people that like to read14:36or want the transcript to you want this14:38for SEO because it's it counts as a word14:41count you could do something just like14:43this disclaimer you see me typing14:48transcript14:50may be flawed or something like not14:56exact wording something to let to let15:00people know that the transcript was not15:02cleaned up but it's enough to get you15:04through the conversation that is a great15:06way to transcribe your videos and I and15:08I also heard something I don't but I've heard just in the15:11community that even people who that sometimes they don't clean15:17it up either they're just transcribing15:19it so I really don't know and I don't15:21I'm not even trying to throw them on15:23that bus first of all that's not my15:24style but since I've never used it I15:26can't say whether that's sure false but15:27if that is the case then doing something15:30like this you can either do like that15:31disclaimer or make an effort to clean it15:33up yourself if you have a virtual15:35assistant this is something you can do15:36easily with you giving them access to15:38your YouTube if you don't want to give15:39them access to your YouTube you can copy15:41it and say I need this transcribe for15:43this video whatever the case may be and15:44you can um because this is15:46auto-generated so you would select the15:48language that you want it to be15:49generated in and then that is how the15:53text will come you can also take the15:56timestamps off see what I just did I15:58toggle them and then you just have the16:01text to work with so I think when you do16:03it this way okay and open everything so16:07when you do it this way this is a great16:08way to bring it into something like a16:10Google Docs where it turns in more into16:12a paragraph form and then you can clean16:14it up that way you can read it back I16:17something I use a lot on my Mac because16:19I used a speech pinging I use a speech16:22tool and I wasn't always using that but16:25it has helped me so much because16:26sometimes I can't hear necessarily what16:28I'm saying as I wrote it but when I hear16:29the computer read back it's easy for me16:31to catch like an error or it should be a16:33comma there or like that made no sense16:35so I use a lot of the you know the tools16:38that are given to me and I opt amaizing16:40as much as possible so that is a trick16:45that I wanted to teach you about16:46transcribing your videos and last but16:48definitely not least is16:51when you're using facebook live content16:54you want to repurpose it you can16:56definitely spice it up and figure out16:57how to put it on like Instagram and17:00Twitter and LinkedIn a different places17:02like that but you don't want to take17:03your actual full Facebook live video and17:06dump it on you too it has been shown17:08that it's not effective and it doesn't17:09perform very well because once people17:11see that you're actually live and you're17:16not once they see that you're actually17:17repurposing a lot that your viewer count17:20actually drops and you want to keep17:21people there watching so just think17:23about how you can repurpose your17:26Facebook live you may have to go throw17:28it in a software cut it up and and make17:30it where the parts where you're not17:32engaging with people that were live17:33don't don't get entered into the version17:36that goes on to YouTube that's totally17:38up to you like I said you definitely17:39always want to be testing at you and you17:41you will learn your audience but I just17:43know that that's something not again has17:45been said in the community of video17:46marketing strategists and teachers and17:48educators and whatever speakers all jazz17:50is that repurposing your live poll on17:53YouTube is just not a good thing so with17:56that being said I am so excited to see17:59you jump into Facebook live like I said18:00out of all the tips I've given you to18:03start one practice to get started get18:07rid of your limiting thoughts and18:08beliefs and all this other stuff and18:10come up with those ideas want you to18:12start with those three things everything18:14else will kind of gel because you're18:16doing it all you have to do is show up18:18and present and I'm telling you the more18:20committed you are the easier it gets and18:22honestly you don't have to show your18:25face I know this is a big big big big18:27deal I know I just cross my eyes right18:28this is a big big deal for a lot of18:31people that don't want to show their18:33face in that case something that you18:35could do and I'll see if I can load this18:37like really quick without slowing down18:40too much because I didn't have an actual18:44I didn't have a overlay prepared for18:49this but I have some that I've done18:50before so I'll just I'm gonna open up an18:52old overlay18:53actually I'm gonna open up my subscribe18:55over they like whatever I'm still gonna18:56be here okay so what you could do is see19:00how it's covering my face entire face19:02you can do live videos just like this19:05okay with absolutely no visuals of you19:10all you're doing is talking are their19:12pros and cons to this absolutely but19:15what you want to do is if you're just19:17gonna talk the whole time like this they19:19will never see your face then you need19:21to make sure that the content you're19:23saying is like really really really good19:25really really rich you need to make sure19:26that your visuals as well are really19:28really good and really really rich19:29because people don't want to just stare19:31at this image the whole time so even19:33when I do lives that are even when I do19:39lives that are where I'm using a lot of19:42slides I have them up for a little bit19:45and then I'll pull them back and I'll19:46show myself or like with what I'm using19:48right now he cam live something19:50something that I really love that you19:51can do is you can do the19:54picture-in-picture okay so for example19:58let me just make sure that it's on so I20:00could do this okay so if I bring this20:02back up and that's my effect it's I'm20:07going to do it on this one if I put it20:09on a secondary screen that's more show20:10so if I had a slide like I say this was20:13just a full-screen slide and you know my20:15picture is still here you can still see20:16me you know and the little guy right20:19here that's what I call it20:20so it all depends on like what you're20:23trying to do what connection you have20:24with the people that you're trying to20:26reach so I'm these cons view marketing20:29strategist' and content create tour I'm20:32also a wedding photographer and20:34cinematographer so I help creative20:36entrepreneurs and small business owners20:38like you level up your business using20:40video I want to see you doing Facebook20:42live tag me comment whatever message me20:45I would want to see it all I want to see20:47you doing it because I know you can do20:48it and you could be successful at it21:05 you [END]


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