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5 Ways To Ask for Money As a Wedding Gift

5 Ways To Ask For Money As a Wedding Gift

Are you stuck trying to figure out the best way to communicate to your friends and family what you’d like as a wedding gift? Most couples create gift registries at selective stores (which is also a great idea), but some couples would prefer money as a wedding gift. Here’s a list of what you can do to tastefully ask for money instead of setting up a wedding gift registry: is a website specific setup for couples to receive monetary gifts. Setup a free account, share your engagement photos of your love story before making your fund link live. Read over the terms and conditions so you have full understanding of how it works and how you can gain access to your funds. 2. Zola is another website dedicated to weddings and couples. One of the benefits of Zola is that it gives you the option to do both monetary and physical gift registries. This is great if you think some of your guest might be opposed to giving you money. Most couples use Zola for their honeymoon and house-buying funds. 3. Say It With A Compliment (Wedding Invitations) Asking for money is never easy; even when it’s for a special occasion such as your wedding. One of the most non-aggressive but informative ways to let you guest know that you’d prefer money as a gift is to say it on your RSVP card as a cute “side-note” or send it on a separate piece of card stock paper titled GIFTS so they know what it’s addressing and don’t discard it as extra paper when you mail your official invitations. Let them know that having them as a guest is also important to you and that you really want them to be present during your special day. 4. Travelers Joy This site is perfect because much like a gift registry you can set up the price of certain things you’d like to do and someone can “purchase” that experience for you; this is best for honeymoons. For example, a couple can register for snorkeling for $160. When your guest visit the link to your account that can contribute to a specific experience for you. 5. PayPal Pool This is a new one, but a great option as well. All you have to do is setup your PayPal account to receive funds for your wedding. Paypal will create a specific link that you can add to your wedding website for your family and friends to access. As with all of the sites that service money collecting for your wedding, read over the terms and conditions. You can also visit their FAQs here . So, which one of these ideas are you going to do? Leave a comment and let me know if there are any ideas that you think can be added to this list.

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