7-Day Facebook Live Challenge

7-Day Facebook Live Challenge: Building On Camera Confidence

7-Day Facebook Live Challenge: Building On Camera Confidence

Hey #VideoBlazer, Are you ready to take the 7-Day Facebook Live Challenge? Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? This 7- Day Facebook-Live Challenge will get you to get over your fears of getting on camera and to learn more about live-streaming. Watch this video: LEARNWITHAC Facebook-Live Challenge

I. LEARNWITHAC Facebook-Live Challenge | What You'll Need: - Your Smartphone - Stay Committed II. LEARNWITHAC Facebook-Live Challenge Prompts Because this challenge has already taken place in real time, the best way to complete this challenge is to follow along using this guide. One the remaining pages of this guide you will have an outline of what to do for each day.

III. LEARNWITHAC Facebook-Live Challenge (GETTING STARTED) Get OUT of the habit of hiding in your overwhelm and into the habit of showing up as YOU! Sharing what's on your mind... no matter what. Be true to thyself! Live-streaming isn’t about “acting” or being fake if you really want to connect and covert." YES...you need to give it some energy so you’re not boring on camera, but that doesn’t require you to be fake! I’m excited to SEE you SHOW UP this week! If you have any questions I made myself available to you in two ways: Facebook Group | Email: Facebook-Live Challenge (START CHALLENGE NOW)

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