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7 Types of IGTV Videos Brands Should Consider

7 Types of IGTV Videos Brands Should Consider

Now that you know how to setup your IGTV account, and also how to upload videos to your IGTV account, let's focus on content creation ideas. Even if you don't have the IGTV feature as of yet-it's more than alright to start working on ideas that are relevant to your audience and your brand.

Below are a few ideas and formats to get your brain cells going with content creation for your IGTV Channel:

1. Brand Experience Video: There are so many things that you can do with this type of video, but the main goal is to invite others that haven't had an experience with you yet while still nurturing those that have. You can have this professional shot or you can invest in some lenses that attach to your smartphone, grab a stabilizer and film that way. 2. Tutorials: Even if you think you're not, you are an expert! The fact that you're running a business means you know more than your audience does, why not share what you know! As I tell you, staying in your lane of expertise helps you to be more comfortable on camera, but if you ever want to bring content to your audience that you're not an expert at, invite a guest to be featured.

3. Testimonial Video (Real-Time Videos are Best) To help you work through these videos for IGTV, download "How To Ask Clients for Testimonial Videos LEARNWITHAC Mini-Guide.

4. Product showcasing (Promotional Videos): Believe it or not, promotional videos can be made by using your smartphone, just like this video. All you need is natural light, a clean environment to shoot in, and a plan. While this might not give you the polished look that you see in more professional videos, it's the most practical option if you don't have a huge budget.

5. Long-form Video Content

6. Educational Content

7. Blog Ideas Converted to Video


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