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How To Stay Ahead as a Business If The CoronaVirus Effects Your Area

How To Stay Ahead as a Business If The CoronaVirus Effects Your Area

How To Stay Ahead as a Business If The CoronaVirus Effects Your Area

With the Coronavirus cases popping up in more states daily, we are seeing events, conferences, and businesses affected by the quarantine restrictions. During this time, a lot of small business owners are worried about generating revenue and losing business. In this video I will discuss: ● A resource to put your services or products on (

● Identifying other skills that can help to generate revenue ● Developing a money plan ● Continuing work and client communication Have a question? Add it as a comment below and I'll review it.

Video Transcript: This isn't a word for word transcript, but I'm sharing what I talked about in word format below FAQs/CONCERNS ADDRESSED:

1. RESOURCES Go to This website allows you to list your area of expertise, lost revenue value, and links to your social channels. - The founders of this platform verify all submissions. - There are DJs, Videographers, Production Companies, Caterers, Florist, Photographers and more listed on this platform. - You have to provide proof of your income loss. - Doing some research and this resource could be extremely helpful for business owners out there that can use these services. The website has posts from business owners that were a part of SXSW who lost wages as a result of the coronavirus cancelling this event. This is an opportunity for you to reach out to some of these business owners that listed their loss to see what they can do FOR YOU/YOUR BUSINESS in the efforts to get some income rolling their way.The list is pretty long, but worth looking at and seeing who you can connect with for services. I heard of this website during a webinar hosted by Rising Tide. 2. What are your other skills that you can offer outside of your main skills? - Take the time to actually write this down. Maybe you temporarily go back to your corporate job/ a corporate job to make ends meet until this clears up. 3. Work Remote: What can you do from home that doesn’t require you to go to the office or be around a lot of people to reduce your exposure risk. 4. What passive income can you generate that is universal. Meaning can be used by multiple consumers - This can be something within your niche/market OR something outside of your niche/market that people want access to. For example, if you’re in ChildCare services, make a list of things parents can do with their kids while they are at home. You can offer this for free OR charge a minimum that will generate some revenue for you. 5. Saving your money is the plan You’ll need to prioritize what you need to pay for your bills. Skip those Starbucks visits. Cancel any subscriptions or software apps that you don’t need/that do things you can do for yourself temporarily. 6. As a business owner what can you offer to other business owners or consumers as a kind gesture. - Share a digital Starbucks code and treat everyone to “Starbucks on the Coronavirus”.

7. What work can I do at home for my business? - Focus on things that you have been meaning to do in your business, but haven’t completed or started yet. Blog Batch video content Write your email copy Learn how to use a new app that you’ve been wanting to learn more about Schedule your Instagram Posts 8. Stay in communication with your clients. Talk via video Don’t neglect inquires in fear Inform them of how you’re handling business Be clear on your contract, enforce it

9. How do I handle social media? You need to remain consistent

Have your content planned and scheduled Don’t drop the ball because when this clears you don’t want to be behind

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Have a question? Add it as a comment under this blog post. I’ll review it and see if it should be included.​


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