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Accountability for Meeting Video Goals

Accountability for Meeting Video Goals

Accountability for Meeting Video Goals.

Accountability for Meeting Video Goals Are you struggling with Accountability for Meeting Video Goals? If you are, stop and take these few tips to help you.: Topic: Accountability for Meeting Video Goals Tips, Advice or Inspiration Covered in This Video: 1. Write your goals 2. Use Content Tracker & Strategy - 3. Develop a Plan

Show Notes: If you’re in my LEARNWITHAC Community, you know that I’m always talking about accountability. I hold my members accountable all the time.I will ask, “Have you done any videos yet?” Two ways that you can set goals to do video is to actually set goals. Really sit down and map it out. Having my CONTENT CREATION TRACKER & STRATEGY CREATOR helps me to stay accountable when it comes to my video, blogging and marketing content. It also helps me to plan out my monthly content so I remain consistent. By doing this, it allows me to have more than just a “to-do-list”, but an actual structure and strategy to move forward. The next tip that I have for you is to get with a form of accountability. Someone that will call you and check on you to see if you’ve met the goals that you previously discussed with each other.


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