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Crystal Ballroom at Veranda Wedding: Jacqueline & Paul

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda Wedding: Jacqueline & Paul

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda Wedding: Jacqueline & Paul, Unashamed Imaging. Bride in gown with groom by hedge wall.

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This beautiful wedding celebration took place in Metrowest, Florida at Crystal Ballroom at Veranda. This wedding will always hold a special place in my heart as less than 24-hours before this wedding my life changed, but I'll save that for another blog post-- this is about this beautiful couple. The Sherman's (Jacqueline and Paul) had a love-filled and fun-filled wedding with a wedding party of eighteen people.The combination of blush, rose-gold, and silver with a mix of a classic romantic-style added to the luxury feel and shine. It complimented their wedding hashtag #ShermansShine. I love that (Jacqueline and Paul) incorporated small details into their food menu and signature cocktail drink that allowed them to showcase their Creole culture since they were engaged in New Orleans. They danced to "You and I" by John Legend & Mary J. Blidge "Everything." I first met with Jacqueline at her private Air B&B where she and her beautiful bridesmaids got ready. They were already having fun when I arrived. Jacqueline was having her makeup done by Jo Michelle Artistry while I made my way to the room where she had her stunning bridal gown hung and all of her accessories ready for me to capture. I can tell that Jacqueline followed my tips on the wedding timeline I gave her because she had everything ready for me to do my magic -- lol.

makeup done by Jo Michelle Artistry

Jacqueline's wedding dress was custom-made, and creating it was a very intimate process between the wedding designer and Jacqueline. This totally makes for a significant dressing shopping or should I say "dress making" experience. Jacqueline shopped for fabric in New York, and had several fittings in both the DC Metro Area and Orlando, FL. Talk about wanting to be original and unique; I'm all for that. Her shoes were made by Sophia Webster and Paul wore a custom-made suit as well. It was created by a childhood friend of Paul's.