Social Media Blackout: What Does This Mean for Your Business

2019 Social Media Blackout: What Does This Mean for Your Business

Social Media Blackout: What Does This Mean for Your Business

How are you holding up? Okay, I promise I’m not being mean, but I promise that a few social media platforms being down ISN’T the end of the world!

What it should do is open your eyes to alternatives and backup plans that keep your business afloat!

Something to think about: If you don’t have an email marketing plan and lose ALL of your community (followers) then you have “0” connections. Remember, this applies to B2B connections too! BUT, with an email strategy for your business, even if you have less than 100 email subscribers - that’s still 100 people you stay connected with as opposed to “0” people.


I know sometimes we don’t want to give our email addresses out because of spam content, but when it comes to being connected to what we want & need - IT’S WISE! The only reason why you're reading this is because you're on my email list or opted-in at some point to stay connected with me, and now you have the upper-hand to still receive content from me while social media is down!

These platforms could go away ANY MINUTE! Make sure you are focusing enough time on your blog, website, video-marketing, and email marketing so you don't lose all of your hard work, but more importantly the connection you've made within the community you've built (clients and customers)! It would be a stressful world when it comes to marketing if you don't have an email list, a website, or content on any other channels. If you couldn't post another thing on social media, how would your business connect and convert for the rest of 2019? Leave a comment below and tell me.


Anesha Collins is well recognized photographer and cinematographer currently based in Orlando Florida.
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