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Five Tips for Successful Facebook Video Ads

Five Tips for Successful Facebook Video Ads

LEARNWITHAC is an educational platform founded by Anesha Collins of LEARNWITHAC that educates and equips Creatives & Entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful at video-marketing, content-creation, and blogging. Before exploring Facebook Ads, I was a Facebook post booster. If that's not a real title it is now, and I am one-hundred percent guilty of boosting a post because Facebook said to. Now that I have knowledge of how Facebook boosts really work and how they can be a waste of money because of the lack of targeting (unlike a Facebook Ad), my strategy and content involves a lot of heavy organic content (nurturing an organic reach) with the utilization of Facebook Ads only if intentionally decided to.

Developing Content That Really Resonates With Your Audience Starts With Your Why

Video is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. It's more engaging and it also stimulates your audience to desire more. James Wedmore developed an amazing formula called, "The Problem Question", which basically is: Call Out+ Pain Point+ Question. I wanted to highlight this formula because before thinking about running a Facebook Ad--knowing how to connect with your audience and speaking the words they need to hear is primary.

Here are Five Tips for Successful Facebook Video Ads:

1. Name It for S.E.O.: A title that is click-worthy and not click-bait (good title but false content) is the mindset you need to have. A great title can steer your audience in the right direction and allow you to maximize the connection you have with them every single time. 2. Give Something Special: Your goal is to bring people where they need to go; ideally your website. You need to lead them in the right direction by giving what they want. For example, if you're a wedding photographer setting up a Facebook Video ad for your new Wedding Checklist then you need to make sure you grab your audience's attention from the very beginning, but also make sure they know where they can get the item you're giving away (in this case the Wedding Checklist) without having to jump through to many connection points.

3. Connect, Connect, Connect Real engagement can happen on social media. The excuse that it's a screen and a keyboard is just that--an excuse. Change your mindset about connecting online and you'll see how your language and approach changes. Make sure your content is relevant and engaging. In a Facebook Video ad make sure you keep the audiences attention throughout the video. Don't integrate moments of silence as this is a disconnecting point for the viewer. 4. Get To The Point Every year our attention-span has become less and less which means you need to come out from the very beginning with your connection points. It's been said that our attention-span is about 8-seconds. That's not a lot of time, but it's more than enough time to loose viewers. According to Wistia, "People stop watching online videos just seconds in. Longer videos lose people faster, but no video is immune. A large portion of people generally stop watching your video halfway-through or even less."

Keep your video Ad to the point and specific with what you want the viewer to do and what message you're conveying. Be mindful of sound, but in the perspective (of not having sounds) as most people are viewing Facebook Ads from their smartphones which may (in most cases) indicate no audio can be heard while watching y