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What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

Preparing for Your Engagement Session - Engagement Session Style Guide


After several years of shooting weddings and portrait sessions, I've heard every question a couple can possibly think of with preparing for their Engagement Session. Questions ranging from, "What do I wear to my Engagement Session" to "What if I feel funny in front of the camera?" A lot of times couples get overwhelmed, especially if they haven't done a professional photo session, and that's why I have taken the time to educate you and be a reliable resource.

I'm here to help you have a fun and romantic session where you can truly enjoy each others company while taking some amazing photos. I'm sharing tips and advice to help you better prepare for your session. From choosing a location, what to wear, how to be more comfortable in front of the camera, and a checklist to help you go over everything you'll need for the session.


To achieve the look and style you’ve seen in my portfolio,I normally shoot using natural light. If you’ve chosen to do an indoor session (because of the look you desire for your session), no worries, I can capture those images just as beautifully using flash when needed.

Outdoor sessions are normally done early in the morning, or later on in the evening when the sun has gone down. If you’re worried about choosing a location, don’t panic. I will help you find a location that matches the look you want to achieve for your session. I find new locations all the time to shoot at that my couples love.

Arrive at the location chosen for your shoot no later then twenty- minutes before your session. This helps to not only find parking, but it also prevents you from sweating (because you’re running late) or from anxiety and nerves taking over because you’re scrambling last minute.


If you want an editorial look for your session, then accessories/items that match the look you want are important to bring with you for the session.  If you want an intimate session that’s more focused on the two of you, consider what you will wear instead of additional items that will take attention away from you as a couple in your photos.


Ladies, don't be afraid to dress it up. By the way, there is no such thing as too dressed up. If you want to wear a gown or a flower crown (if that's a part of your look), go for it. Dressing up all helps you to fell a little more into the session because who doesn't like to feel a little sexy in front of their fiance'. Choose one or two looks and also think about accessories that work for both looks. This saves time with changing on the day of your session. Try on the outfits you've chosen before your session so you're not uncomfortable during the shoot.

There are more tips in the guide, don't worry. Bonus Tip: If you've decided to wear heels, bring some flats so you can wear them for comfort if your feet start to hurt.



Gentlemen, wearing a suit is too much. Don't skimp on the watch, the cufflinks, the tie, etc. There are more tips in the guide, so don't worry.

Bonus Tip: Know your hair-growth pattern. Be sure to shave but not too far in advance to avoid the 5 o'clock shadow.



Looking for a beautiful and intimate engagement session in Florida or a pre-wedding session in New York, Florida, or Georgia, please contact Unashamed Imaging. Florida's Top Rated Wedding Photography and Videography award recipient.


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