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Fundy Designer V10 Launch Review

Fundy Designer V10 Launch Review

Fundy Designer V10 Launch Review

What is Fundy Designer?

Fundy Designer is a design software that allows photographers to uplevel their workflow and make more profit in less time while still being wildly creative. It was created for professional photographers who want to streamline their business by having everything they need for success in one place. Fundy Designer already offers album design, wall art, cards, and magazines and has just recently upped their game with some new and exciting features. People who use Fundy Designer will tell you that it has changed their work and life. I’ll raise my glass to that for this has certainly been my experience. Read on to learn more.

Drop Zones 3.0

Drop Zones are a game-changer. With this update, you can custom resize any photograph and Fundy Designer will auto-scale the accompanying photographs to fit on the page. All you have to do is grab the space between two photos to resize. If you want to drop in an additional image into a column at the last moment, go for it. All of the other photographs will adjust. The new Drop Zones make it super easy and fun to create tailor-made layouts.

Custom Image Order

With the Fundy Designer update, you now have access to custom image ordering. Simply drag your photographs in any order you choose to the image well or browser and coordinate them into an order that you love. Then, use them in auto design albums and slideshows in the exact image order that you set. With this update, you are fully in control of how you design and present to your clients.

New Custom Slideshows

Clients love slideshows. It’s as if you’re giving them the movie of their life. Now you will be able to build custom slideshows with photographs and designs in any order you choose while matching them to the length of a song. This feature enables total flexibility in your presentation as you are able to add images, titles, and designs in blocks. Clients are going to love this new feature leaving you with happy customers and more revenue.

Fundy Designer V10 Launch Review

Theatre Mode

You can now enter Theatre Mode by hitting the tab key through the view menu. Watch as all the icons disappear and your designs become the sole focus. This helps your clients feel truly immersed in the design which in turn will create more sales for you.

Exposure Correction

The Perfectly Clear editing tab is updated and ready to give photographers even more control when it comes to touching up. This update offers specific sliders for both under eye and eye brightening. Not only that but now you can correct overexposed and underexposed photographs in Fundy Designer.

We also have access to an entirely new set of wall previews to show off artwork, several new album designs for photographers who like graphics in their albums, and new music to choose from when presenting our artwork to clients.


Upgrades start at $99. The pro and the album suite start at $379 or $24 a month.


As a new Fundy Designer this update is valuable to my business. The team listens to what photographers need in order to thrive and then deliver it every time. Not only that, but the Fundy Team truly wants our clients to love what we create for them and so update with our customers in mind. This update gives us even more ways to impress our clients and infuse our businesses with ease and revenue.

Should I Buy Fundy Designer?

If you want to save time, create powerful albums, wall art, cards, and magazines, inspire your clients, lower your stress, and have a life outside of work, I would seriously consider investing in Fundy Designer. This software was made especially for the busy photographer who wants to uplevel their business and have a good time doing so. I’d say this update delivers that in spades. NEW Fundy Designer V10 - With the world’s only drop zone technology and 5 more groundbreaking features, Fundy Designer is the all-in-one suite for stunning albums, wall art collections, cards and studio magazines, with built in skin retouching, exposure correction, online proofer and slideshows. Learn More (link to


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