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How To Announce an Adult Only Wedding in a Classy Way

How To Announce an Adult Only Wedding in a Classy Way

Are you struggling with how to say, "No children please" for your wedding celebration? Do you think that this is rude or that people will be offended by this? Well, know that you're not a lone and here's why. Some couples have a preference when it comes to having children at their wedding. If that's you, don't feel bad. It's your special day and if your family and friends love you they will understand. Keep in mind that some people may not be able to attend your wedding celebration if they can't get child care; especially if your wedding is out of state. Here are 7 Ways to State You're Having an Adults Only Celebration: 1. Make this plan and clear from the jump. Make sure the language you use while speaking to any potential guests communications that this is an “Adults Only Celebration. 2. Be sure to communicate this with your Wedding Planners/Coordinators

3. Add a FAQs section to your wedding website. Place the Adults Only Wedding Celebration clause in this section. You can also add that "due to size and budget restrictions it's adults only." 4. When you mail out your invitations address it to the Couple only instead of "X Family"

5. If there's a venue clause, use that language: Licensed venue - children not catered for - book your babysitter and kick up your heels!

6. Title your event as: “An adult affair “ to Remember

lthough we love your little ones, this is an adults only affair” 7. RSVP Cards: Use this language " A

So, which of these ideas most resonates with you? Did reading this list make you more comfortable? Let me know in a comment.

How To Announce an Adult Only Wedding in a Classy Way

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