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How To Increase Facebook Live Viewers With Minimal Blogging Content

How To Increase Facebook Live Viewers With Minimal Blogging Content

LEARNWITHAC is an educational platform founded by Anesha Collins of LEARNWITHAC that educates and equips Creatives & Entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful at video-marketing, content-creation, and blogging. One of the easiest ways to start going LIVE on Facebook if you’re feeling lost is to use your blogging content. Sounds easy right? Well it is, IF you have blogging content to use. This is why I talk about repurposing content and cornerstone content all the time. You’ll blink and have content to use that’s relevant to your audience instead of sitting at the keyboard thinking about what to say that often ends up being more about you anyway and less about serving others.

Developing Content That Really Resonates With Your Audience Starts With Your Why

You need speak in your own voice; this is why most people find it hard to blog.

To get started, look for inspiration. It's easy to gain motivation when you're inspired by something. Especially when it's hard for you to develop blogging content from the dome (a.k.a. your head). Don't blatantly copy what inspires you, but instead let it motivate you to discover what you like and how you can approach talking to your reader.

5 Easy Steps:

1. Brainstorm by writing down ideas that come to mind from your inspiration

2. Work backwards - Focus on what you want your readers to gain.

3. Using Step #2, write down topic ideas that come to mind. Here's an example of how to execute that. Goal = Encourage New or Beginner Bloggers to Write Content * Write a blog series guide ** Start with the steps they need to generate ideas *** Share Kickstart Your Blog Mini-Course (Great Tool)! (See how I worked backwards there....)

4. Develop a commitment schedule for you to write these blog posts.

5. Pick a day of the week that you will consistently release these blog posts.

If you can commit to blogging then that’s where you start. Work backwards to gain traffic (an audience), connect, engage and grow your email list (you should be working on this too)! This is going to require serious commitment compared to someone that already has blogging content, but there are ways to accomplish this without throwing your hands up in the air a.k.a quitting before you start.

Bonus Tip #1: If writing is still a struggle for you, consider getting on video. You can still have an amazing blog that is ran by video content. After you've edited your video(s) to be released, transcribe them. Start by transcribing your videos for show note purposes. Show notes represent what's being said in the actual video. They can be word for word or you can inform your audience that what's being transcribed is a summary of the content spoken in the actual video.

​Check out how I used blogging content in a video and then repurposed it on my blog again. Use this text from the show notes in the body of the blog post created for the particular LIVE video that you’ve done, and insert links relevant to what’s being discussed as well. For example, if the blog post I'm working on is featuring a LIVE video about "32 Days of Blogging" then I would hyperlink some of the text within that blog linking my audience to more relevant content that I've developed or some external resources relevant to the points made in the LIVE video. Blogging has been an ongoing subject when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon or hopping off. Some say blogging is dead while others are finding a lot of success with blogging. Blogging is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. It's also a great way for people to find you and your business.


Bonus Tip #2: Push your blog posts on your selective platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN) to bring awareness to your audience so they are reminded that you have a Blog and that you want them to remain connected as you continue to post content that they want and need. Embed your videos within the blog post so people watch your LIVE videos on your blogging platform (essentially your website) which will also help immensely with SEO. After you've committed to doing this for about 10-12 blog posts, begin to reach out to your audience via email and poll them in your emails to gain valuable data about what they want. This will help you to stay relevant and will also help you with developing more LIVE video ideas.

Note: Here's what it looks like to embed a video in a blog post as opposed to linking it in a blog post. The viewer is able to watch the video within the blog post keeping them on my website.

While there is more content to be shared on this topic, one very important element that needs not to be forgotten during this building phase is to make sure you’re developing relevant content for your audience. They need to know that your blog is going to be a resource of value and not a waste of time. This important element is what will make them return, share, like your blog (in general) and ultimately join your mailing list so they don't miss any of your content.




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