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How To Use Facebook Sound Collection

How To Use Facebook Sound Collection

How To Use Facebook Sound Collection

Music is one of the most important elements in any visual project. It’s presence is heavy in movies, stage plays, commercials and more. Think about the last time you watched a movie scene and how the music during a particular scene made you feel. Maybe it was during a horror film where the deep sound of mixed musical instruments kept you on the edge of your seat. Maybe it was a romantic movie filled with classical or operatic music selections that made the scene even more believable, and made you fall in love all over again; even if you’re single.

But what do you when music copyright is an issue or the use of music found on YouTube doesn't work on a platform like Facebook? It's no secret that Facebook has been pushing video content on it's platform heavily since the latest major platform updates announced back in January of 2018. Facebook has shared that live-videos or videos that foster organic engagement within the community will take priority, but music is still a problem for content creators if they don't have a reliable resource to use. This is where Facebook's Sound Collection comes into the conversation.

Color-grading, lighting, location, and having a vision for a visual project goes a long way, but a seasoned videographer also knows that music plays a huge role in how viewers connect with what they are watching. What they hear matters just as much as what they see. Music can make or break a video production which can result in decreased or no engagement from viewers. Visuals have a way of swaying our emotions, but music has a way of making them real.

The new Facebook Sound Collection feature is a great way for video-content creators to really connect with viewers and organically engage. With track selections ranging from eclectic, pop, classical, hip-hop and other popular genres, this new feature is a great way for content creators to add music to visual content that will be featured on Facebook with ease.

The Best Way To Use Sound Collection:

  • Spend some time thinking of content ideas before jumping to what music to use.

  • Use your website and Facebook insight data to determine what your audience connects best with. Some viewers connect more with emotional content over serious and thought-provoking content. Some viewers want to be educated and not entertained.

  • Develop a Content Creation Strategy for your video content.

  • Review your final content to better assist with selecting the right music to use.

  • Locate Sound Collection under the Publishing Tool on your Facebook Business page.

  • Spend some time listening to the music that is featured within Facebook's Sound Collection.

  • Match your visual content with the music available in Sound Collection and follow the prompts to add this music to your visual content.

Your audience is looking for a solution and your visual projects can be that solution. Why not make it pleasant to see and hear. Analytical data also shows that videos are here to stay and that video-marketing will be continue to take over in 2019. This is the perfect time to learn more about how music really allows viewers to connect with visual content, and a great place to start finding some of that music is Facebook's Sound Collection. While Facebook is working hard to be the go-to platform to showcase video content and in fact is working very well for those that are planning their video-marketing content strategically, leaving the SEO-powerhouse platform YouTube is not recommended. It's best to push both platforms accordingly as your audience on YouTube may not be the same audience on Facebook. Avoid posting videos with music tracks from Facebook's Sound Collection on YouTube or any other platforms as this will violate the Facebook community guidelines for use of copyrighted music and may result in your business or personal page being permanently shutdown. Think about how you can connect even more with your audience, focus on what they need from you, give it them and then use your visual content to give them what they need through your visual content. Now add music to this content and see how you connect with your audience even more. Challenge yourself to use music to have an even greater emotional effect on your audience or to increase engagement with an educational piece you’re delivering (with visual content you’ve developed) so your content connect and conversion increases.


Show Notes: - Music track results are limited. I think over time Facebook will add a lot more.

- Great platform for music creators to generate revenue via Facebook with their tracks.

- It's easy to navigate.

- I would preview my tracks to be sure it's a sound that matches my content.

-Reminder: DO NOT use music from FB Sound Collection on YouTube.

-Make yourself familiar with the Terms for using tracks in Sound Collection.




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