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3 Things Every Bride Should Know About Online Wedding Groups

3 Things Every Bride Should Know About Online Wedding Groups

24 Things to Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping.

3 Things Every Bride Should Know About Online Wedding Groups ​The Ultimate Guide: How To Use Facebook Wedding Groups as a Bride

If you're a couple and not in a Facebook group with other bride's or couples to be then someone left you out of the loop with where future couples are hanging out. Facebook Wedding Groups have become the normal and are being used by a lot of couples as reliable resources while planning their weddings; even if they have a Coordinator or Planner (which I highly recommend not to skimp on). Regardless of your wedding budget, couples should know how to function in them for their best benefit. It's a great place to link with other couples, see real wedding inspiration, gain real wedding tips or advice, and more. Couples can also find vendors in Facebook Wedding groups, which can help a lot in a decision making process; especially if you're having trouble narrowing down who to book or don't know where to start. Of course reviews are there for you as a liable resource, but hearing from Bride's that have used vendors in your area before helps a lot as well. Here are a few tips to help you navigate and survive in Facebook Wedding Groups:

1. Limit Your Groups

To avoid overwhelm and confusion, don't join too many groups. Research what the group is for before joining it. If you see a friend that you know well in a group, that may be a good indication to join, but be sure to scan the group as well. If the content you're seeing isn't for you-- leave the group. Seeing content in your newsfeed that's irrelevant or annoying while planning your wedding will annoy you.

2. Notifications

Once you're in a group set the notifications for the group. You can change them from "Highlights Only" to "All Posts". If you really like the group and the content you're seeing is helping you, I recommend changing the notifications to "All Posts". If you think the group will be helpful, but you don't want to see every post, then setting notifications to "highlight only" is best. You can always change it to see posts more frequently so don't worry.

3. Handling Group Noise

Everyone will have a different experience with their wedding so don't be discouraged by what couples or brides share in a Facebook group. If they had a negative experience with a decision they made for their wedding day-- that doesn't mean you will too. It's always best to still make a decision for yourself. Really assess what they are saying as to why they may have had the experience they had.

4. Ideas

Facebook groups are great for wedding ideas. If you're having trouble, these groups are great because you can see the ideas that brides have already done and decide if that will work for you as well. For instance, if you need wedding dress inspiration you can also ask other brides or to see things for their wedding dress. 5. Find Vendors

If you're looking for local vendors in your area this is a great place to ask about a photographer, videographer, florist, or more for your wedding. Brides and couples will definitely share this info with you; especially if they had an amazing experience with the vendors they chose. Tip: Do your homework with the vendors that are being shared.

6. Sharing Responsibly

Be mindful of what you share while in a wedding Facebook group. You don't want to share an details that someone can use to steal your identity or even share with someone that you may not want at your wedding. While Facebook groups are great, with thousands of members it's hard to regulate content and all of the people in it. Avoid sharing content from the groups you're in outside of the respective group. You don't want to violate any group rules at the risk of being kicked out of the group.


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