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Lifestyle Maternity Session: Annys, Abner, and Amaya

Lifestyle Maternity Session: Annys, Abner, and Amaya

This has to be one of my favorite maternity sessions to date! If you're wondering why, it's because I also shot Annys & Abner's very first maternity session when baby Amaya (the beautiful little girl seen in this session) was in her mother's belly. It's also significant because Annys is not only my high school friend, but she was also by my side when I went through chemo and radiation to treat Stage 3 Cancer. I had a lot of fun shooting this session because I've been dying to shoot at a different location, and this was perfect! It not only gave their session a fall look (Annys and I are from New York originally), but the colors they wore really popped and complimented the environment for this session. Amaya was the perfect big sister in training. She made sure that Mommy was safe when walking around in the park, and she also played our weather girl (lol); she would say, "It's about to rain..." This little girl is so smart and I really love that I've been able to watch her grow up. Before the session started, she ran up to me and gave me such a big huge. That made me feel really special, and then we all went to eat lunch together - Amaya insisted that I have lunch with them too! I was not going to deny that invite. I'm really excited to see their bundle of joy make her official appearance in February of 2019! Here are some of my favorites from their family-lifestyle and maternity session!

Family holding hands for photo.

Father throws daughter in the air.

​This is Amaya! She's not little anymore and is going to be a great big sister! Her and I also have one thing in common; we both love french fries!