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9 Tips to Get The Most Out of a Wedding Show

9 Tips to Get The Most Out of a Wedding Show

9 Tips to Get The Most Out of a Wedding Show

Congratulations! You're engaged and now everyone is talking about - THE WEDDING! You're next thought is, Oh gosh, I do have to plan a wedding. It's almost as if this part doesn't come along with being proposed too, but it does, and a lot of couples tend to flock towards Pinterest which can bring it's own level of overwhelm to begin with, but don't worry that's what I am here for. I am here to guide you through the best transitional process from engagement euphoria to wedding planning. The first place that you should lean towards in a Wedding Show or Bridal Expos - the name of these events will vary depending on the host and location so read the description of the event so you know where you are going and what the event experience may result in. What are Wedding Shows/Bridal Expos?

A Bridal Expo or Wedding Show gives you the opportunity to have direct connection with vendors you've been looking for and/or are interested in. The reason why I say "you've been looking for" is because you should have a general idea of some company booths that you want to visit at the event. Never go to a Bridal Expo or Wedding show blindly. Normally these events release a lineup of vendors that will be present, so you don't have to walk in blindly. At a Bridal Expo or Wedding Show you also get to see the latest and sometimes the newest trends within the wedding industry. This helps a lot because it also gives you an idea of what's in store for your wedding when it comes to fashion, venue, decor, photography and more. You want to also keep in mind that some vendor will have specials, contests, or discount at their event. It's important to take note of an expiration dates of their specials and contests so you don't fall victim to budgeting the wrong numbers and offers.

Cocktails Catering at Orlando Florida wedding expo.

Tips to Survive a Wedding Show or Bridal Expo: 1. Pre-Register for the Event This is very important for two reasons. If it's a Bridal Expo or Wedding Show that you've been wanting to attend that requires ticket entry, you don't want to miss out because you didn't secure your ticket. Most of the Bridal Expo or Wedding Shows ticket pricing is affordable or reasonable; in the end you get a lot of value by meeting vendors face to face. When it comes to pricing, simply visit the website of the event host and look for that information. If the Expo is higher priced, chances are that the vendor quality is premium. This means you have lead wedding vendors that really bring quality experiences and results with their products or services. (The vendors also pay to have their booths on location, so they invest to meet you as well).

2. Arrive Early If the Bridal Expo or Wedding Show is scheduled to start at 12:00 noon, arrive at 11:00 a.m. I know you're probably wondering why - because other couples have the same thought in mind so you want to be their early enough to find good parking, avoid entrance capacity issues, and to also enroll in the Giveaways and prizes early.

3. Time Management Bridal Expo or Wedding Show events typically last a few hours so it's best to not cram your day with something before or directly after the event is over. You will be tired from talking to different people, eating so many food samples, and from walking around. It's best to block the day or the time of the event plus one-hour before and after the event so you have time to regroup. If you're bringing your weddIng party squad with you, don't let them pressure you into getting something you really don't want. Make sure they know that you're there to have fun and that they can engage too, but don't let them decide things for you. 4. Meeting Vendors - Contact Information Time is precious to everyone - this includes not only you, but the vendors present. If they have a form or some kind of digital contact method, give accurate information. We spend time contacting you after the show and giving false information waste both of our times. If you really don't see yourself booking a particular vendor while on location, don't give your information. Be sure to give your working wedding email address as well.

Gala Rental at Orlando Florida wedding expo.

​Gala Rental at Orlando Florida wedding expo.

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5. Take It To Go Most of the Bridal Expo or Wedding Shows have food on location from the Caterers that are present, however, you may not know in advance what they are serving so as a backup plan, bring light snacks that you can put in your purse to much on. This includes war as well. Talking to each vendor and walking around will make you thirsty so be prepared. 6. Crowds Well known or popular branded Bridal Expos or Wedding Shows will be crowded. The last show I went to have 1000 attendees. That's a lot of people. Remember you and all of the other couples present are super excited, everyone is looking left right and around, but may not be looking forward - this means sometimes you can bump into people unintentionally. Dont take it personal. Simply pardon yourself if you're the offender and keep enjoying yourself. You also want to wear comfortable shoes. 7. Take Pictures After you visit all the booths you will forget who did what if you don't have good visuals to remember what you saw. You can use your smartphone to do this or your DSLR camera if you really want high-quality photos and you're document the journey of your wedding planning experience.

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8. Address Labels A Bride that booked me at a Wedding Show put all of her contact information on Avery Address labels. While this is optional, it saves you A LOT of time from picking up a pen and filling out information. Of course if their form of contact method is digital you can't use them, but you can give to the vendor you're speaking with. They can input your information. This also gives you more time to really look at what's on display at event.

9 Tips to Get The Most Out of a Wedding Show

9. Fashion Show If the show you're attending has a Fashion Show make sure you attend it! It's not only great for Bridal gown ideas, bit they also showcase male couture attire as well. 10. Walk It Out Did you start signing there? I know I did, lol! Okay, don't do half the event space when walking around. Be sure to walk the entire event space you know you've looked at all of the BOOTHS, and at the very least, the booths you really wanted to see. BONUS: Be friendly, approachable and engage with the vendors at the booths/tables. Oh yeah, don't forget to PLEASE HAVE FUN!

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Vendors You Want to Meet for Your Wedding:

I. Wedding Photography

II. Wedding Videography

Now that you have 9 Tips to help you at your next bridal show, share in a comment which tips really stood out to you and why you're going to follow those?

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