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Speaking at The Planners Suite Conference 2019

Speaking at The Planners Suite Conference 2019

Speaking at The Planners Suite Conference 2019

I really enjoyed teaching at The Planners Suite Conference 2019 hosted at the beautiful Luxmore Grande Estate in Winter Springs, Florida! Teaching on video-marketing is truly a passion of mine, but hearing about other business owners struggles with marketing their businesses using video and giving them a place to start and a strategy to implement is the real reward for me! I loved every moment of it and could talk about it for hours and hours! I really enjoyed the nuggets that Kathy Romero of Kathy Romero Weddings and Events shared as the keynote speaker. Especially what she stated about the use of a vision board; not the cardboard sized paper we get from Walmart (no shade.)The Business Panel on Day 2 featuring some real ladybosses was my favorite panel! They really resonated with me and made me want to look more into to financial choices that will serve me as I am older and in the future; not only for my business, but in my personal life. I have to thank Cheryl of The Planners Suite Conference 2019 for taking care of everyone that had any dietary restrictions. This is really important when attending a conference. People want to enjoy themselves and be able to network without worrying about food allergies or leaving an event because they can't eat the food. I didn't take a lot of photos and videos at the conference. I really like to be present when I go to these type of events which is why I normally have my videographer come with me, but he was in Los Angeles. So, here are some selfies and other images I captured quickly on my smartphone!

Stay tuned for video and photos from the conference captured by Trene Forbes, Chip Dizárd and Andre Brown! I hope they got my good side, lol. SN: I had to take a photo with my big sister Shannon Tarrant! One of the photos is the area where I held my session on video-marketing.

The Planners Suite Conference 2019

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