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The Value of Facebook Ads & Video Marketing

The Value of Facebook Ads & Video Marketing

Have you been thinking about using video in your Facebook Ads, but don't know how to run a Facbook Ad to begin with?

I'm excited to share that Max Sadik will be a special guest in the LEARNWITHAC Video-Marketing Community (Facebook Group)! We went over quite a few things to talk about, but here are a few things you'll learn:

1. Why use Facebook Ads? 2. The power of video-marketing & Facebook Ads? 3. Utilizing video-marketing with Facebook Ads? 4. Q&A

Livestream for Facebook Ads hosted by Anesha Collins of LEARNWITHAC.


Max Sadik is well-known as a Facebook Ads expert, certified by Facebook, and in high-demand. To gain the most out of this session, leave your questions as a comment under this event invite. Question Highlights:

These are not all of the questions asked during the live broadcast. These are a few questions that really stood out.

  • Question: Can you succeed moving forward without running Ads based on what you see right not in digital marketing?

  • Question: What if you want to work with a new audience/Avatar, what's the best way to figure that out running an Ad?

  • Question: Getting comfortable with the back end of FB Ads Manager

  • Question: How to align one's definition of their Target Audience with the available parameters that the Facebook has?

  • Question: What is the best budget for a FB Ad?

Show Notes: These Show Notes are key-point indicators during the live broadcast that served as golden nuggets. These show notes are not the full transcription of this live-stream.

  • You can run a successful Ad without spending money.

  • Organic content represents the overall presence of your business. People can find this on their own. With Ads you have to place that content in front of them.

  • Most people click AWAY from an Ad.

  • Native messaging/advertising. Make it look native to the platform that you are using.

  • Visually you want your Ad to look like it's not marketing.

  • A/B Testing is good to know which feature works well. Facebook has a feature to do this.

  • Test a small feature to see the difference. Don't use completely different elements for you A/B test.

  • Aspect ratio, copy, etc. can be tested. And see how it aligns on your landing page. Any element you can control can be A/B tested.

  • You can test your audience for an Ads as well.

  • Why don't FB Ads work for everyone? The approach is the first reason why they don't work. An Ad alone won't get you fully booked or sold out without other content to support them. Your Facebook Ads need to be a part of an overall strategy.

  • There isn't a generic budget for Facebook Ads. Determine what you can spend and match it in alignment with what you're trying to gain for the Ad. Your paid marketing should be 5% of your determined revenue.

  • Ad Spend Question: $4/$6 for every 1,000 Impressions.

  • $25/$30 for a more targeted audience.

  • Minimum budget is $1/day.

  • Think about how many inquiries you need for the number of visitors to your website. 130 x 4 = Inquires needed.

  • You need to know your click through wait. How many of those 1k people. CTR = Click Through Rate.

  • Start with $10/day if you don't have a high budget. Run for a Full week and analyze the numbers.

  • Demand Generation (you are the main choice) vs. Demand Fulfillment (everyone can serve them).

  • Target Audience/Avatar is so important. If you don't know who they are make time to do so.

  • Tool: Audience Insight to look at options you can choose to build your audience for the Ad.

  • Audience insight will give you details on who aligns with the specific details you selected.

  • Audience insight results: Look at the top 10 results.

  • You can use Microsoft excel to color your cells automatically.

  • Utilize Facebook groups to find couples/people that are in alignment with who you want to work with.

  • You need a mix of tools to have successful marketing.

  • FREE only works with reputation.

  • Running Ads gives you time back in your personal life and saves you time in your business/marketing.

  • Facebook Ad Budgeting: Your paid marketing should be 5% of your revenue.

  • Work backwards with running your Facebook Ads. Write down the customer journey experience for your Ad.

  • Your Facebook Ads need to be a part of an overall strategy.


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