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The Value of Facebook Ads & Video Marketing

The Value of Facebook Ads & Video Marketing

Have you been thinking about using video in your Facebook Ads, but don't know how to run a Facbook Ad to begin with?

I'm excited to share that Max Sadik will be a special guest in the LEARNWITHAC Video-Marketing Community (Facebook Group)! We went over quite a few things to talk about, but here are a few things you'll learn:

1. Why use Facebook Ads? 2. The power of video-marketing & Facebook Ads? 3. Utilizing video-marketing with Facebook Ads? 4. Q&A

Livestream for Facebook Ads hosted by Anesha Collins of LEARNWITHAC.


Max Sadik is well-known as a Facebook Ads expert, certified by Facebook, and in high-demand. To gain the most out of this session, leave your questions as a comment under this event invite. Question Highlights:

These are not all of the questions asked during the live broadcast. These are a few questions that really stood out.

  • Question: Can you succeed moving forward without running Ads based on what you see right not in digital marketing?

  • Question: What if you want to work with a new audience/Avatar, what's the best way to figure that out running an Ad?

  • Question: Getting comfortable with the back end of FB Ads Manager

  • Question: How to align one's definition of their Target Audience with the available parameters that the Facebook has?

  • Question: What is the best budget for a FB Ad?

Show Notes: These Show Notes are key-point indicators during the live broadcast that served as golden nuggets. These show notes are not the full transcription of this live-stream.

  • You can run a successful Ad without spending money.

  • Organic content represents the overall presence of your business. People can find this on their own. With Ads you have to place that content in front of them.

  • Most people click AWAY from an Ad.

  • Native messaging/advertising. Make it look native to the platform that you are using.

  • Visually you want your Ad to look like it's not marketing.