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The Wedding Day: Say Yes To Rescue Flats

The Wedding Day: Say Yes To Rescue Flats

The Wedding Day: Say Yes To Rescue Flats

"Keep the dance floor going" is totally accurate when it comes to RescueFlats. These artfully designed and crafted ballet flats are the perfect accessory for your wedding day reception. You can display them with class and style at your reception and not worry about people being awkwardly surprised by a set of flats on display at your wedding. The presentation box that your flats are stored and shipped in is the perfect touch for your wedding reception. If you want to keep the party going - rescue flats it's what you need to keep your wedding guest and parties on the dance floor.

Why  Rescue Flats - Presentation Box

For starts, the delivery process is exceptional with RescueFlats. They make sure the package is shipped for travel and durability. The presentation box is also absolutely stunning and the magnetic front keeps all of the ballet flats secure within the presentation box. On the wedding day, the best time to give your wedding party a pair of Rescue Flats ballet-shoes is at the beginning of your Reception; essentially before they start dancing. Your bridal party will not only be in total shock, but once they see that these flats are not only comfortable, but also gorgeous, they will love that you kept their comfort in mind. You can also order enough ballet flats for the rest of your guest. There are also some other amazing details about the Rescue Flats ballet-shoes set. The box comes with individual heel bags for your bridal party to place their precious heels in. Yes, Rescue Flats thought about caring for your shoes and your comfort. What other brand does this? There's also a really cute ribbon that keeps the pair of flats together until you're ready to put them on, and guess what, you can tie your hair up with this ribbon to keep your hair out of your face as you have a good time on the dance floor.

The ballet shoe sizes range from size 6-7, 8-9, 10-11. There are two rows of size 8-9 because this is a common shoe size and most people who were an 8.5., can comfortable fit into a size 9 ballet shoe.

These premium ballet flats are also foldable which makes it easy to keep them with you in your purse and not have a bulky pair of shoes in your bag on your honeymoon. Unashamed Imaging Bride Julia (seen below) loved her pair of Rescue Flat as she danced the night away at her Reception held in Orlando, Florida.

Check out this video below featuring a Bridesmaid from a real wedding that could not get over how comfortable and cute the Rescue Flat Ballet shoes were. She was getting ready to head outside for her friend Julia's Sparkler Exit, but wanted to share her experience with you guys here.:

Will you "Keep the dance floor going" on your wedding day with a set of RescueFlats?


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