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What If It Rains on My Wedding Day

What If It Rains on My Wedding Day in Orlando Florida

Where to Take Wedding Pictures if it Rains

They say "April Showers bring May flowers", but what does that mean on your wedding day?

If it rains on your wedding day, you can still create amazing and breathtaking images. This gold and maroon Heaven Events Center wedding is a perfect example of this. David and Tiffany planned a beautiful family and friend-centered wedding that truly represented their love for each other. Before their wedding ceremony began, the couple spent time with the Groom's Wedding Party and the Bride's Wedding Party at their respective destinations to get ready. The sun was shining, not a cloud in sight, but if you live in Florida you soon learn to always carry an umbrella with you during the Spring and Summer time because it always rains at 3:00 p.m.; I kid you not.

"What if it rains on my wedding day?"

1. Pivot Your Plan That's right. We don't panic, we pivot. Mother nature is one thing that we can not control, so as a couple, be open to pivoting the plan a little bit. The best way to feel secure in doing so is to communicate with your photographer and videographer. Don't go back and forth with what you want to do by being indecisive. That will eat up time and also make you focus more on the weather then you really need to.

2. Trust Your Wedding Team Your photographer and/or videographer is a professional in their field that you hired; trust them. As a photographer and videographer, clouds are a blessing from above. It's equivalent to having a huge diffuser; we love this by the way). Experienced wedding vendors have shot in many different elements, and also know that there is no such thing as "perfect weather". Even on a non-rainy day, there are other elements we may deal with like humidity or wind (for example), so trusting us allows us to lead the way while still giving you a great wedding experience. ​ 3. Consider Indoor Wedding Portraits Be open to taking your portraits indoors. You hired a professional that knows how to shoot indoor/outdoor, so trust their direction, let them be creative and follow their lead. Trust me, they want you to have amazing photos for your day just as much as you do.

4. Consider a First Look These are also a great way to get more images of the couple. First Looks typically take place before the Ceremony begins...way before actually. Doing this will allow you to beat the rain since it tends to rain mid-afternoon to the evening. My couples that have chosen to do a First Look never regretted this moment.

Watch this First Look featuring a Real Wedding shot by Unashamed Imaging Yaritza & Reinhard married at The Ritz Carlton, Bal Harbour ​​

How do Couples really feel about shooting in the rain on their wedding day? Hear from one of my Grooms about his experience. Who better to hear from then the ones that actually experienced it as a couple.

What if it rains on my special day.

1. Were you nervous about taking pictures in the rain?

Yes, at first I was until I saw everything was prepared in case it did rain. 2. What were your thoughts on using the clear umbrella that Anesha gave you to hold over you and Tiffany? I thought that the umbrella added a bit more to the photos. It helped tell our story. 3. How were you able to not focus on the rain and focus on being in the moment with Tiffany? We gave full control and creativity to Anesha. We trusted her vision. 4. What were your thoughts when you saw the final images of the outdoor session? If I could describe it in one word it would be AMAZING.


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