Video-Marketing Mini Guides

Video-Marketing Mini Guides

Video-Marketing Mini Guides

With video-marketing, there are a lot of things to consider. Having a guide to help you get started is the best way to introduce you to how easy it

really is to use video in your business so you can remain top of mind and tip of tongue (as my friend Stephanie Liu likes to say). Imagine connecting with your target audience, booking what you really want, giving an amazing experience, running a successful business, and still having personal time to enjoy your life all because of successful video-marketing! These mini-guides were developed to help you focus on hyper-specific topics via each mini-guide that help you to implement practical methods of video-marketing with each guide. By the way, if there’s a mini-guide in the Shop that you really want, but hasn’t released yet, comment below with the NAME of the Guide! It’s not easy picking (10) topics under the subject matter of video-marketing when there’s so much to teach/talk about!I know this first set is what you really need right now to start implementing some workable strategies in your business. That’s most important! 🌿 For those that are new here, I'm Anesha Collins, video-marketing strategist that loves to help creative-entrepreneurs and business owners excel using video-marketing in their business. Learn More Here:

Some of the Mini-Guide Topics Include: - How To Create 12-Months of Video Content in 7 Days - How To Get Started Using Video In Email Marketing - 10 Videos You Can Make For Your Business Today - IGTV Conversion Strategies for Your Business - How To Get Testimonial Videos from Your Clients & more! Access Mini-Guides Here:

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Anesha Collins is well recognized photographer and cinematographer currently based in Orlando Florida.
 She’s also available for international travel and 

destination weddings as well.

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