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Why Including Your Grandparents On Your Wedding Day Matters

Why Including Your Grandparents On Your Wedding Day Matters

When I was a little girl the one person that made me feel special all the time was my grandmother. She applauded everything I did and believed in me so much. She reminded me that I could do anything I put my mind to and was right there to support me. If I was cheerleading, she was there watching. If I was working on a school project she wanted to hear all about it and then she'd follow-up to ask how well I did. She was always rooting for me, and I think this is why I have a major soft spot for grandparents at weddings. I don't know if I'll ever get married, but if I do, I will more than likely pay tribute to my grandmother in so way because she meant so much to me and was an important piece in what shaped me as a woman.

So, whether or not your grandparents are looking down on you from above or ready to turn-up at the wedding reception, here are a few reasons why including them on your wedding day matters to you and the next generation. 1. The Legacy Grandparents more than likely raised your parents and therefore are really honored to be the head of that legacy. They shaped the way your mother or father carried themselves which ultimately shaped you. Whenever I'm at a wedding I always find a grandmother or grandfather starring in awe of all the beauty they see. From the couple being shared between the couple, to the generations growing, living and breathing right before their eyes; all of it is a apart of their legacy. 2. They Are Proud of You If your grandparents are anything like mine they genuinely care about your well-being and ever phase of your life. They want the best for you and seeing you married is an example of that. If you're a bride, your grandmother or grandfather may honestly have dreamed about this day for years. They pictured you in dress and veil, smiling from cheek to cheek and all they've ever wanted was to see the day actually transpire.

3. Generational Heirloom

What better way to show your kids your grandparents then in a photo or a beautiful wedding video. One day, they will leave this Earth and forever be in our hearts, but a photo or video literally always them to live forever in so many ways. I'll never forget the day my father and I developed some of my grandmother's old films. They were so old that I wasn't even thought of yet. That's right. My father was about fifteen or sixteen years old, so I wasn't even a dream -lol. I'm so glad I have those films and photos of my grandmother. I get to see where she's been and hold on to that forever. So, how much do your grandparents mean to you? When's the last time you took a photo with them? Even if it's not a professional photo, take one...BUT, if you ever want to do a shoot with your grandparents you can always call me, lol.



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