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Why You Need To Poll Your Audience

Why You Need To Poll Your Audience

LEARNWITHAC is an educational platform founded by Anesha Collins of LEARNWITHAC that educates and equips Creatives & Entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful at video-marketing, content-creation, and blogging. Think about this for a moment. Let’s say you’re running a Facebook group, and you want to know how the members feel about certain content you’re releasing or maybe even content that you’re planning - it’s a great way to get instant feedback for you to best serve your members.

Why You Need To Poll Your Audience

“Organic reach starts with organic connections.” Cultivating this kind of language helps your members to feel more comfortable with you, and also let’s them know that you’re listening to them. What better way to keep a positive environment then to really take the results of a poll and apply them to your content creation strategically.




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