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Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Affect My Wedding

Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Effect My Wedding

Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Affect My Wedding in 2020 With all of the media coverage about this virus spreading globally it is totally understandable why some couples are concerned about their wedding celebrations. Couples who decide to reschedule their weddings may find it difficult to do so for financial reasons primarily. Of course there's logistics to think about, but losing money is the first. During this live episode, Anesha Collins (founder of Unashamed Imaging) discusses tips for protecting your family, details about the virus, and what you can do for your wedding celebration. Know someone that's getting married? Share this video with them. WATCH THIS VIDEO ON FACEBOOK ​

Will the Coronavirus Effect My Wedding


  • The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been officially reported in the U.S. Here is a link from the CDC that tracks and makes daily updates regarding the illness:

  • With travel, stay in the loop so you can communicate with family. If you're having an elopement or smaller wedding you want to know about any travel restrictions. The CDC has created a travel risk assessment map that lays out the associated travel risk levels or travel restrictions. Some areas have travel bans by country, including transmission and restriction on entry to the United States: COVID-19 information for Travelers

Below are some takeaways from this Video:

  • Discussing how the Coronavirus may affect your wedding if you're getting married.

  • Different things that are being spread online about this from family and friends, who are also sharing things from different media outlets.

  • If you are watching this on Facebook and you have any questions you can absolutely add them as a comment.

  • If you are watching this on Instagram and you have any questions you can absolutely add them as a comment.


  • The coronavirus is actually spread via Droplet format. Which means it can spread from spit, coughing, touching your nose or any other mucous membranes.

  • If you're close to anyone within a 3ft range, if someone happens to have it you can get it or have symptoms as a result of exposure.

  • Because it’s spread in droplet format you should avoid and/or reduce close contact.


  • Travel Experience: If you're flying, wear a mask on the plane. Wear a new mask on each flight.

  • Travel Experience: You’ll also want to wear a mask because the air is recycled.

  • There have been reports that purchasing a mask via Amazon isn’t available. This may be true. You can also get a N95 mask from Lowes or Home Depot.

  • There is a selling decline to the public for masks because they are running out of masks for healthcare professionals. They need to reserve masks for those that are taking care of people who are sick; they need them as well.


  • Tip #1: Hand-washing: Because it’s droplet format there are a few different ways that it can be shared, but hand-washing is key. The first tip is to practice good hand-washing. Literally soap and water goes a long way. Turn on the faucet, place soap in your hand, run under the water and sing your ABC’s. Go all the way through the song.

  • Hand Sanitizers are great, but you still want to wash your hands.

  • The goal is to avoid re-contaminating your hands.

  • You can use hand sanitizer after a few times than you need to wash your hands again.


  • Clean all Shared Surface Areas: If you're flying, clean the tray table.

  • Clean the armrests.Clean the seat belt.Clean your seat.

  • Don’t worry if people get mad at you. It's an ounce of prevention for you and will only take a few seconds.

  • Go to Target get some Clorox wipes (travel size to go).

  • Ask your neighbor if it’s okay if you wipe down their armrest too.

  • Try your best not have people to touch your stuff (luggage, etc.) Especially if you don't know them. If it's family that's okay, but if someone tries to help you put your suitcase up in the overhead bin, simply say, “Thank you, but I’ve got it.”

  • You want to avoid cross-contamination - once again.


  • Cancelling your wedding is 100% your choice.

  • What you want to think about though are a few things regarding what cancelling your wedding looks like for you financially.

  • Read your contract - see how canceling will affect you contract wise.

  • You and your partner will need to discuss whether canceling your wedding is the best decision for the both of you. I am not about to sit here and say that you should cancel your wedding but what I will say is if you let yourself get diagnosed with it, you should let people know or you should make a decision as to exactly what you want to do.


  • Proper diagnosis needs to be done by a physician through their protocol testing.

  • Another thing I want to throw out there is if you have a runny nose or stuffy nose or something like that, this does not automatically mean that you have the coronavirus.

  • Right now (3/2/20) there are two positive cases in Florida.

  • Don't go freaking out. Be rational and make a decision with your partner.


  • Communicate with your guests and with your vendors, etc.

  • Communication is going to be the big thing with your vendors.

  • If you are going to cancel on you because there's a coronavirus issue you don't want to cancel and think that all of your vendors are just going to give you money back.

  • Read your contract and have communication with your vendors as much as possible.

  • What About my Wedding Attire: The next question that some people have is what about my wedding attire. Because a lot of wedding dresses aren’t made locally you need to find out about shipping process for dresses that may have been ordered overseas or online.

  • Discuss the condition and handling of your wedding gown with bridal salon if you’ve purchased it locally.

  • Ladies, I want to throw this out there. Be open to having an alternative dress.

  • If for any reason a dress that you want can't be shipped because it's in a coronavirus affected area, don't put yourself at risk , don't put your partner at risk, or your family at risk.

  • Find out from your bridal salon if there is a similar dress/ an alternative dress for you.

  • Your vendors still want to be in the loop so that they can still give you the best experience possible.


  • Turn your wedding to an intimate wedding. That means you don't have to cancel it. Find out if you can minimize some things; like how much floral you need, etc.

  • For the intimate wedding, send the rest of your florals to a nursing home or Assisted Living. Seniors to receive flowers, so you won't feel like it went to waste and it will mean a lot to them. Some seniors don't have family visits anymore and a gesture like that will make their day.


  • If you have a photographer and videographer and they are local vendors communicate with them.

  • Chances are if they don't have to travel somewhere they're not going to be in the travel restrictions.

  • It should be okay but just have a conversation. Don't overcomplicate things or be overdramatic.

  • Express your concerns, let them tell you what can and cannot be done.

  • If you're having a destination wedding and your photographers are traveling to you, again the biggest thing that I keep addressing is communication. Communicate with them as best you can.

  • It’s important for you to remember that it is not their fault if their flight gets cancelled by an airline.

  • Again, communicate to find out what can and cannot be done.

  • Be open to the idea that someone else may have to shoot the wedding on their behalf. They will have someone they trust and rely on to do this.

  • Your photographer and videographer may have to drive to where you're at which means you have a travel factor to address as well. All of this needs to be communicated.

Updated: March 15, 2020 Unashamed Imaging has also taken the time to answer: 26 Questions About The Coronavirus Affecting Your Wedding and How To Avoid Costly Mistakes During This Time. This blog post will answer some of the FAQs Couples and Brides have. As per the CDC update, I highly recommend reading Question #26 first.

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