Summertime Windermere Florida Elopement

Summertime Windermere Florida Elopement

This beautiful elopement took place in Windermere, Florida where I met with Rosemarie and her future husband Edward in celebration of their beautiful elopement. I was overjoyed with excitement about shooting this elopement because it was my first elopement and I know Rosemarie. She is not only fluent in sign language, but she also works with a local organization called One Heart for Women and Children where she whole-heartedly serves with the Founder of the organization. After Hurricane Irma hit Florida, she went out, along with her future husband to help local families within downtown Orlando. I remember the day like it was yesterday because I was there. That's right. I went out to capture what they were doing for One Heart for Women and Children. Rosemarie wore a dark blue flowing dress that complimented her figure and accessories well. I love how everything that she wore served it's purpose and I also love that her daughter wore a color that was in her bridal bouquet. You may be wondering why I would do that as a professional wedding photographer and cinematographer. Well, the truth is that, I too have volunteered with One Heart for Women and Children and I love doing it because it grounds me. It reminds me to not only be grateful for what I have, but it also reminds me to be humble and to help others if and when I can.

When I arrived at the private location for this elopement my breath was taken away. The home was on the oceanfront, the inside was bright and airy (how I like it), and there was a lot of natural light to do my thing -lol. Rosemarie and her daughter were in one of the backrooms getting ready while the Groom was on the other side of the home semi-dressed. He was ready to get this elopement going, but I could also tell that he didn't want to rush thought it; I loved it. There was also this amazing clock that I could not get my eyes off of. I could honestly stay at this home forever and shoot weddings here everyday -lol.

Once Rosemarie was dressed, we queued everyone else to get ready for the elopement ceremony to begin. Edward did his last fixings, the Officiant was ready to go, and I was finishing up the detail shots excited to capture their special moment in time.

If you want to know whether or not I'd like to capture more elopements in the future -- the answer is one-hundred precent yes! I loved everything about this cute blue, orange, and black elopement of Melonie & Edward! Congratulations you two!

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