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The Wedding Day
Your Virtual Walk Through

Your wedding day is a visual display of the love you have for each other and I am there to capture it in it's natural essence. While the wedding is indeed a wonderful celebration filled with family, friends, floral, beautiful decor, fun, laughter, and cake (who doesn't love cake), it's the marriage between the two of you that really matters. 


After all, you both desire to be committed to each other for a lifetime; the wedding celebration simply seals this love commitment.
I also already know that it's important for you to have a wedding photographer and cinematographer that you can connect with.
If you're wondering how - it has a lot to do with how you found me! 



I'm here as your helping hand, someone to call on when you're looking for wedding vendors for your celebration
(i.e. Planners, DJ, Cake, Floral, etc.). I will only recommend you to vendors that I have worked with and trust. Also, if you've been
thinking about whether or not to have a second photographer, I share some tips on that as well. 

For now, here's a list of the Wedding Day Breakdown with Unashamed Imaging:

I. What Is Getting Ready Wedding Day Coverage

This is one of my favorite parts of the day! I love capturing details - so you'll find me in the corner of a room with some natural light to capture all of your accessories on your wedding day! 

For more details on this part of the day, check What Is Getting Ready Wedding Photography here.

II. What Is Pre-Ceremony Wedding Day Coverage

During this time the couple is dressed for the Ceremony and prepared to either do a First Look or sometimes the Bride
(if decided on in advance) will see her Dad in her wedding gown
for the first time. 

If you're wondering what a first look is like watch this video.

III. The Ceremony - "I Do"

The moment is finally here! I know you want to run towards your fiance' - this is the time to embrace this moment because forever is just a few footsteps away. 


IV. You're Married! You Did It!

Congratulations - Now it's time to capture some beautiful moments between the two of you, your wedding party, and family. We'll also have some intimate time for Couple's portraits and then it's off to the Reception. 


How To Prep Your Wedding Party for Day of Wedding Formals

Are you worried about not having enough time on your wedding day for Formals? Have you seen some of my amazing wedding day formal shots and thought, "Not with my family...that won't happen!"  Well, think again!I'm here with some tips for day-of wedding formals! If you have a question don't be scared! I'm here to help!

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.38.42

V. Reception

Now it's time to celebrate and dance with your family and friends. They've been with you all day and they want to have some fun with you. 

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