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What You Need to Know If This Is Your First Wedding


Now that you're past the engagement phaseyou're more than likely planning your wedding. You've found interested ideas and content on Pinterest, you've created all of these amazing boards for inspiration,  yet you still feel like something isn't right. Does this sound like you? If so, it's because you're either at the point where you can benefit from a wedding planner or you need to really hand over everything to the wedding planner so you can enjoy the wedding planning journey.

If this sounds like you, now you're probably wondering who you should hire as a Wedding Planner. This can be hard if you have a list of vendors, but don't know much about them.



5 Tips for Picking Your Favorite Wedding Vendors


The wedding planning process is a decision-making process and a lot of it has to deal with a vendor being the right fit for you. Don't just pick someone because you "need somebody". Really take the time to get to know the vendor you're looking at. Take the time to look at what's making them stand out to you from the rest. In an industry where there are a lot of options it's easy for your judgement to be cloudy, but there are certain things that you can use to access that a vendor is the right fit for you. 


For the most part you can actually use this list with any of your wedding vendor.I've compiled list of tips to help you access the vendor you're looking at. These are practical tips that will work for any couple in planning. I've also added the vendor type in the list so you can see which tips works best with which vendors.:


Look At The Portfolio (Wedding Photographers/ Cinematographers (Videographers):

  • Portfolio: Look at their work.

  • Tip: Look at as many wedding as possible so you can have an better idea of their style. Be mindful that everyone doesn't have the same theme for their wedding and some weddings may be more elaborate then others, but for the most part Wedding Photographers/ Cinematographers (Videographers) have a style and you will see that throughout their portfolio.


Look At Reviews (All of Your Wedding Vendors):

  • Reviews: Reviews and testimonials tell you a lot about your vendors. Professionals will not post false testimonials on their website.

  • Tip: 
    Look up your potential vendor via Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Google. These platforms don't let people submit fake reviews or allow vendors to pay for reviews.


Ask Questions (All of Your Wedding Vendors):


  • ​Questions: Professionals want you to have a great wedding day experience. Asking the right questions is what you need to keep in mind. Most professionals have website and have a section for frequently asked questions. This is a great place to start before calling your vendor with any additional questions. Some may also prefer that you email them with your questions; practices vary.

  • Call your vendors with your questions after you've reviewed their FAQs page. 

  • Hire a Wedding planner 

  • Tip: Write down your questions. Cross-off the questions that are already on the FAQs page. This doesn't meant that your question isn't still important. What it does is give you more time to ask your vendor the additional questions you have.  


Wedding Timeline: Your Time - From The Photographer

On a wedding day, time goes by so fast that you don't even realize you're already in the Reception. For this main reason, I love working with Wedding Coordinators/Planners like Silvana Castorina, Jaclyn Fraser, and others listed on the above listed provided to you because she makes sure my couples get the most of their time. As a former nurse, time management is a huge task that you're taught early on. It's one of the biggest reasons why nurses can multi-task and people don't even realize it. This is why I'm not ashamed to share that I come from a nursing background. 

When I first worked with Silvana, it was her focus and professionalism that hooked me. She contacts all of the vendors within a timely manner, and always provides us with more than enough information. She's also open to feedback about the timeline suggestions when it comes to moving things around so the couple doesn't miss a moment. 

The reason why I am sharing this is because sometimes I will look at a timeline (that the couple gave the Wedding Coordinator) and notice a gap that can potentially cause a loss of time on their special day. Not only does Silvana keep us informed, but she always makes sure that she communicates any changes while on location as needed. You'd be surprised how many stories I hear about vendors not being informed of important day-of details, special exits, family tributes and more.

Again, if you think that Wedding Planners or Coordinators are not necessary - think again. One thing that can help you make the most of your day is a Wedding Planner or Coordinator. An experienced and professional wedding planner or coordinator that has several weddings under their belt makes it easier for them to foresee certain things which helps you have an amazing day. 



Even if the pictures turn out gorgeous you really don't know what happened behind the scenes unless you experienced it yourself. This is why I am in constant communication with my couples, and it's also why I go over their timeline so we can make the best of their special day.

No wedding is ever perfect.It's also important to book a professional wedding planner or coordinator that listens to you, knows how to be present, and also knows how to handle changes.


How To Handle a Delayed Wedding Timeline

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