10 Things to Do Before Putting on Your Wedding Dress

10 Things to Do Before Putting on Your Wedding Dress

After shooting so many weddings I've learned that there are just certain things every Bride should do before she puts on her bridal gown. Here's a list of a few important things you should do: 1. Go To The Bathroom You may not feel like you have to go to the bathroom as you're walking around in your Bridal robe, but the minute you put on your bridal gown your nerves will kick in. Once that happens it's guaranteed that everything you've been eating and drinking prior to getting dressed will works it's way out of your system and you'll have to use the bathroom. 2. Eat & Drink On the wedding day eating and drinking while in your bridal suite is imperative. You don't want to have low blood sugar or pass out before your ceremony from not eating. This doesn't mean you need to have a full meal, but some light snacks will hold you over until the ceremony and definitely before the reception. Order fruits and water to have in your suite if you want to have them sent to your room by the hotel, or have someone in your bridal party bring a platter from the local grocery store to your room prior to the arrival of your wedding party. Keep water and drinks like orange juice cool so they don't taste or go bad. 3. Gather Your Accessories It's more common than not that your wedding photographer would have captured your accessories and detail shots, but if they haven't this is the best time to gather your accessories to be captured as you put them on. Your photographer will help you make the best of this moment.

4. Get Your Mother A lot of times your mother will be running around frantic to make sure everything is in place for your special day. Make sure she's not missing when you get dressed. Mom's love to see this moment; it's precious! 5. Final Touches Look at yourself one last time, in the mirror before your hair and makeup artist depart. They don't always stay for the entire day, so you want to be sure that you have the look you want before they leave. Also ask your makeup artist to leave a sample of your lip color so you have the exact color for retouching later on if needed. 6. Helping Hand Be sure to have the person that knows how to tie your corset available and ready when it's time to put on your dress. Corset dresses take up to 15 minutes to finish so you want to make the most of your time by using the person that knows. Normally the M.O.H. helps with this. If it's your Mother make sure she has enough time to help you put it on; no rushing. 7. Relax The moment we tell a Bride, "Okay, it's time to put on your dress", you can see her eyes lit up and watch her chest rise up and down as she's both excited and nervous; all normal. BUT ladies, make sure you relax. This is suppose to be fun! The day is here so enjoy it and enjoy this moment too.

8. Open Gifts If you've exchanged gifts with your fiance this is the best time to open them so you're not rushing and can really enjoy what they took the time to get for you. 9. Pray This is not for everyone, but it helps a lot of Brides to focus on getting married to the love of their life, but to also know that family and friends who love them are cheering for their marriage. Think about doing this if you have a regular prayer life to begin with. 10. Getting Ready for Your First Kiss Dry mouth can occur from nerves. Freshen up your mouth so when you kiss your fiance' it's the sweetest kiss they've tasted from you. You can also purchase Biotene; it's great for dry mouth.

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