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Brides, You'll Never Walk Down The Aisle The Same Way Again

Brides, You'll Never Walk Down The Aisle The Same Way Again Orlando Wedding Photographer | Unashamed Imaging | Orlando Wedding Videographer (Cinematographer)

The normal tradition for most wedding ceremonies (after the ring-bearer walks down the aisle) is for the Master of Ceremony or Officiant to say something along the lines of "Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise as the Bride makes her way down the aisle", but at this wedding it went a little bit different. One of the biggest details on a wedding day beside the cake, color-scheme of the wedding, and florals is the Bride in her bridal gown. Why, because it's always been the center of attention whenever you hear about weddings. Brides spend months and several hours finding the dress that's the right fit for them. They stand in front of a body length mirror imagining their wedding day as they walk down the aisle. She may not have her jewelry picked out just yet or even her bridal heels, but one thing that crosses the mind of every Bride is walking down the aisle in her stunning gown. I've captured many weddings as a wedding photographer and cinematographer, but this wedding took a different approach for the Bride walking down the aisle.

Benefits of Staying Seated Until The Bride Passes You

True Story: As I adjusted my shoulders and got ready for the epic entry of the beautiful Bride, the M.O.C. says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain seated until the Bride passes your seat." I was shocked. I've never heard of this before, but I kind of liked it. Okay - I'm being modest, I really liked it. I thought this was epic and in that very moment I said that I would share this with couple's moving forward. I also thought to myself - how could nobody have taken this approach before. Think this isn't important or not practical? Let's imagine that (with everything I've already outlined above), you (as a guest) couldn't see the Bride walking down the aisle. What if the Bride is your cousin, maybe your bestfriend, or your sister. Maybe you're a family member that traveled miles away from home to witness the celebration, and now you can't see anything because people are standing in front of you. All you see is heads and shoulders. I'm sure you'd politely ask a fellow guest to scoot over or lean to the left or right, but now they are blocking someone else's view. So now the question is, what do you do? No worries. I'm here to share a workable and practical strategy that Brides can now implement for their epic bridal walk down the aisle.

So here I am with this huge smile on my face, excited to see the Bride come out and ready to shoot with camera in hand. I look around and what do I see, everyone is smiling. They are so eager to see the Bride. The Wedding party was also in jubilee. They were all staring down the aisle with a clear view.

I. From The Groom's P.O.V.: The Groom who didn't have to bob and weave to see his beautiful Bride walk down the aisle could clearly see down the aisle with no distractions. The Venue Coordinator opened the curtain to reveal his beautiful Bride..and this is what happened next.

With this clear view the Groom couldn't hold back his tears of joy as the Bride made her way down the aisle. This new bridal-walk down the aisle is saying goodbye to smartphones in the air distracting the couple from making eye contact with each other as family and friends get to witness their union.

II. From The Bride's P.O.V.: The Bride can see all of her friends and family and most importantly her hubby-to-be. She wasn't distracted by a sea of people blocking her from seeing the Groom and she was also able to make clear and genuine eye contact with her guest.

III. Unplugged Weddings: Notice anything significant about this photo? NO smartphones or iPads in the air. Yes, I do push for unplugged weddings, but sometimes guest still pop up with a phone from pure excitement and being in the moment. This new bridal-walk approach works well with going unplugged. You don't have to worry about people holding up phones and other devices as you're walking down because they are focused on you and standing up once you pass them. That's more than enough to keep their attention on you and the precious moment.

As an experienced wedding photographer and cinematographer, we would bob and weave to get the shot (if we have to) because we want to capture every moment and detail, but on this day I couldn't have been happier. With a guest count of over 150 people this was the ideal approach for the Bride walking down the aisle. I loved every part of it! You could clearly see the Bride's face, her full expression, her bridal down, her Father's expression, and the expressions of her guests. No one was blocking her or intruding this precious moment. Some may be concerned that breaking the normal tradition of guest standing before the Bride walks down the aisle can come off as being rude, but it's far from that. The Guests are still honoring the Bride as she walks down the aisle, they are just standing up after she passes them and it still looks just as beautiful.

How To Implement The #UIBridalWalk

  • Inform your Coordinator in advance that you'd like to inform your guest not to stand until you pass them as you walk down the aisle.

  • Let your Officiant know that you will be implementing this process so they are in the loop and don't make any announcements that may potentially confuse guest.

  • Keep your head up as you take the best walk of your life down the aisle to your beau.

  • Wedding photos and wedding films where you can clearly see yourself walking down the aisle visible and beautiful for the world to see.

Not only will guests be happy, but this new strategy also helps to capture stunning pictures. Thinking about giving this bridal walk a try? Use the hashtag #UIBRIDALWALK so I can see all of your beautiful wedding ceremony photos. I can't wait to see them all!

For Brides: Share This With Your Guest Before Walking Down The Aisle Orlando Wedding Photographer | Unashamed Imaging | Orlando Wedding Videographer (Cinematographer)

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