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What To Do 45 Days Before Your Wedding Day

What To Do Forty-Five Days Before Your Wedding Day

It's quite normal to feel a little overwhelmed the closer you get to your wedding day. Reality starts to set in. The list of last minute things to do seems enormous, final decision-making seems uncertain, expectations become more realistic, family starts to contact you more and more because they are getting excited for you; especially if they are traveling from out of town to be a part of your special day, your coordinator is calling to go over some final details, and you're probably planning your rehearsal dinner. Does this all sound familiar? Well no worries because I'm here to help you get through the what you need to do forty-five days before your wedding day. Let the countdown begin!

What To Do Forty-Five Days Before Your Wedding Day, Bride in wedding gown on stairs with groom, Unashamed Imaging.

Day 45: Send out Rehearsal Dinner information. It's not wise to wait until the last minute to send these out because family will have questions, venue or location logistics may change, and dinner menu options may need to be finalized thirty-days before the Rehearsal dinner. Day 30:

By now you should have all of the Rehearsal dinner RSVPs and have also finalized any details for the dinner so just relax and get ready to enjoy yourself. 4 Weeks:

1.Work on your playlist and wedding vows. Working on both at the same time can be beneficial because listening to music can help you write your vows and find some awesome songs that will work for your wedding day. What better way to woo your beau then with a smooth lyrical excerpt from a song you both love. 2.When it comes to your playlist, if you're going to pick songs and write your vows at the same time, don't do this with your significant other present. Save that for the wedding day, but you can compile your list of favorite songs and then find some time to sit with your love to go over final songs that you will send to the DJ.

3 Weeks:

1. Gather any Vendor or Wedding Party gifts. This will give you more than enough time to order anything that may have run out that you've selected for your gift while also checking off which gifts are already complete.

2. Apply for your marriage license. This is also a moment to savior so be sure to photograph or record this moment. If you're having a wedding film done see if your videographer can incorporate this into your film. 3. Contact any RSVPs that haven't gotten back to you for the wedding. If it's not a significant family member or someone that you really want to have on your wedding day then remove them from the list and move on.

2 Weeks:

1. Work on your seating chart for the wedding day. This is also the perfect time to really see who is coming and to make sure that you didn't forget any gifts. Yes, you may have to go buy their items to complete the gift, but you have two weeks, so you have time.

2. Schedule your final dress fitting. Listen to the bridal salon owner about what you need to do if any alterations need to be done for your gown or if you'd like to add any accessories. Watch this video below featuring Bridal Gown experts Tali Gallo and Roberta of The Bridal Finery. They give some amazing tips for Wedding Bridal Gowns: A Luxury Fit- What Everyone Ought To Know About Bridal Gowns

3. Break in those shoes and get your hair dyed. You don't want to be in pain walking down the aisle in shoes that aren't broken in so test those babies around the house and then place them back in the box they came in so they don't get damaged or dirty. Also, ask your hair colorist about what to do to keep your hair from breaking or getting dry after the coloring.

1 Week:

1. Pick up your wedding dress and keep it in the bag specifically made for your dress so it doesn't get damaged.

2. Clean your wedding rings and then leave them in the boxes until the wedding day. You can check to be sure they are in the box before heading to your wedding, but don't wear them to avoid getting them dirty all over again. Yes, I know, you feel weird not wearing your ring, but it's temporary. You'll be wearing one forever after you say, "I do.

3. Go over the Wedding Timeline and make sure all updates have been made.

24-48 Hours:

1. Get your nails done (pedi &manicure). This tends to be something that is neglected and then chosen at the last minute.

2. Make sure your Wedding Party has the day-of itinerary and knows what they are responsible for day-of.


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