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3 Things Couples Really Want for Their Wedding in 2019

3 Things Couples Really Want for Their Wedding in 2019

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Most couples nowadays are getting married older, so chances are that they already have a lot of the things family and friends would buy for them as wedding gifts. You know, that crockpot, the first set of china, etc. Now this doesn't mean that you can't go for these items if your heart is led to it, bit if your couple shares that they prefer money as a gift, heres how to achieve that:

1. Cash: You can never go wrong with cash. This serves as a great gift because the couple can use cash anywhere they go and purchase what they really want.

2. Honeymoon Excursion:

This is a great gift if you're close to the couple or if you're comfortable with asking these details of the couple. Paying for an excursion is a really great gift for a couple because they really want to do as much as they can on their honeymoon and sometimes excursion can be costly.

3. Honeyfund App: Ask your couple is they have the HoneyfundApp. You can send money directly to this app and let them divide where the funds will go for their post-wedding journey.

So, what are your thoughts on couples asking for money as a wedding gift? Are you with it or do you think tradition gift-giving is better? Leave a comment.

What Couples Really Want for Their Wedding in 2019

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