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6 Ways to Elevate The Guest Experience at Your Wedding

6 Ways to Elevate The Guest Experience at Your Wedding

Have you ever been to an event or party that you couldn't stop talking about? Chances are that the people who attending were some of whom you've known for some time now, mixed with a few newbies, but the key element to why you remember this event at all is because of the experience you had. Yup, that's the secret sauce. This is why, as much as a wedding day is about the couple and their love, let's face it, it's also about your guest. After all, you don't want them to leave your wedding talking bad about it right?

Elevating your guest experience starts with making them feel a part of your wedding celebration as much as possible with significant things through the day or days leading up to your wedding.

9 Ways to Elevate The Guest Experience at Your Wedding. Wedding reception at The Regent in Tampa Florida

1. Welcome Gifts: Welcome gifts are the perfect way to really wow your guests and up-level the experience. Even if it's expected, they'll love it! How many times have you gone somewhere, received a gift (surprise or not) and said no? Not many right. So, choose this and make it fun.

2. Photobooth:

A photobooth is a great way for family and friends to let loose at your wedding reception and it's also an instant gift to them. The prints normally print on location and they'll love it. I've seen the young and old enjoy themselves in a photobooth and totally not regret it!

3. Be Prepared:

If you're having an outdoor Ceremony, especial in the Florida Summer, provide them with sunglasses and fans. This will make them more than overjoyed to watch your ceremony transpire. There is nothing worse then baking in the sun and squinty at the same time unless you're on the beach, and even then we normally have shades and a hat on to block the heat and glare. You can also get a tent of some sort that will reduce the heat, but still give your wedding that outdoor feeling.


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4. Let Them Choose: Most couples fret letting family choose things for there wedding day, but there are two things that you can let your guests choose that won't hurt you at all. The menu selections and music in advance. Keyword, in advance. Send the menu options with the RSVP in an easy way. Don't make the food selection a "chose the meal you want", but moreso a "which would you like to choose from at the wedding". Tally the votes and serve the food buffet-style with Servers for portion control. Next, let them submit 2-3 songs to you in the RSVP response. Even if you don't pick their particular song, you can add it to a DJ Back-up list. This is a go-to list if the party scene needs a little pick me up from the songs chosen in your primary list. There's no better feeling then to be at a party and hear your favorite song or songs playing back to back!

5. Edible Party Favors:

Edible party favors such as donuts are totally in! Krispy Kreme donuts can be ordered in a set of 2 and given out to your guest before the party comes to a close. If they don't eat them while they are there, they will definitely eat them on the way home or as a midnight snack. 6. Artist or Live Bands: Before you scream that's not in the budget, there are many options for live bands so start with a local band before booking a nationally acclaimed wedding band. A lot of weddings also bring sketch artist or tattoo artist. Now of course this depends on your guest as far as tattoos are concerned, but if they're with it why not. It's different and fun for those who love tattoos.

Also include some interactive games. This is a great way for guest to mingle even more with each other and for them to see who's at the party. You never know who you're going to meet.

At the end of it all, they just want to have a great time with you so anything you add to the night to make that experience even better is worth it.

Take a moment to really think about some of the things your friends and family like that you don't mind incorporating into your wedding, but more than likely wouldn't typically be at a wedding. This is what is going to bring your guests experience up a notch. This is what's going to wow them and make them talk about your wedding to others. Have you thought about bringing a belly dancer? Yes, do it! Or maybe an experienced live band that can play the music you really want to hear while your guest have an amazing time. Stop overanalyzing and go book them! Have fun!


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