Bride Married 6 Years: Regrets Not Printing Her Wedding Photos

Bride Married 6 Years: Regrets Not Printing Her Wedding Photos

The other day a friend of mine, that also happens to be married, stopped by to catch up and chat for a little. I had my desktop setup for a wedding album design that I was currently curating for a couple and my normal prints that are on display via an easel and canvases that grace the wall and my furniture fixtures. Within a matter of a few minutes I noticed my friend approaching my Wedding Album and USB display. She picks up the album, sits back down on the couch and begins to look through the wedding album. She doesn't know the couple, but she is immediately taken aback by how beautiful the album is. As she's flipping through the pages she looks up and notices that I also have a canvas on display of that same couple featured in the wedding album. She says, "Wow, Anesha. This is really beautiful. I also see your images online, Facebook, Social media, etc. but to see everything in person is so different." I smiled.

A quick pause happened, I looked at her, and she then said, "You know...I've been married six years and I have no prints from my wedding day. Nothing..."

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