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Unashamed Imaging Year in Review: Best of 2019

Unashamed Imaging Year in Review: Best of 2019

Unashamed Imaging Year in Review: Best of 2019

It’s been 9 years since UNASHAMEDIMAGING has been established, and the number one goal has always been to serve couples that value memories and love storytelling. This has been the motivation and aligned itself with the mission on Unashamed Imaging Photo & Video. Giving couples the opportunity to save their life milestones (marriage, first-born, first home, etc.) through photo and video is more than just a monetary transaction. And for 2020, my goal is to keep this mission going. Over the last decade, I have seen how valuable photography and videography really are. They are images and videos from a time that has passed or monumental life moments that serve as time capsules for generations to come. When I discovered my Grandmother’s stills from over two decades ago and had them developed it allowed me to see all of her life explorations in addition to learning more about my father (her son) when he was a teenager, and my great-grandfather (who was a loverly back in the day, lol). If you want to know more about how I got started, some of the process over the years, and more, I wrote about this on my blog here. I’m excited to see what 2020 has to offer and I want to continue with the mission of capturing memories and storytelling for couples that also believe: Motion Evokes Emotion.


My goals for 2020 are to keep the mission of valuing memories and the love of storytelling. Helping couples achieve this is done through the relationship developed with each couple and the uniqueness of their love for reach other. This is why I ask the questions I ask and make time to really read every inquiry that's submitted through the website. But before jumping into my goals and vision for 2020, let’s take a look back at 2019.

Unashamed Imaging Year in Review: Best of 2019


Some Of The Bigger Highlights 1. People Magazine Feature - In September, one of my weddings was featured in People Magazine for a wedding held at Lake Mary Events in Lake Mary, Florida. This was a major feature for Unashamed Imaging and my couple really loved all of the attention they received as well. 2. Speaking in London (Hero Conf) - In October of this year, I traveled to London to speak at a conference on video-marketing. I also had the opportunity to shoot a small wedding and a fashion model in a really intimate park while in London. 3. Rescue Flats Collaboration - In July, I connected with the founders of Rescue Flats for a surprise Bridal giveaway of their Rescue Flats. The surprise was revealed to the Bride and her bridesmaids during the Reception. Everyone loved it and all of the guest were completely surprised. 4. The Olana- In November, I traveled to Texas to speak at Styled Shoots Across America. While there I also captured some beautiful Bridal fashion, linked with some industry leaders, and had some downtime with a few wedding photographers. 5. WPPI 2019 - In February, I traveled to Vegas to speak at WPPI 2019. This was on my wish list as a photographer. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot of about the wedding world that I didn't know. 6. Speaking Engagements & Traveling - I had the opportunity to speak two to three times a month in 2019 in different states and internationally. Speaking at Full Sail University was pretty cool. 7. Weddings - Saving the best for last, I shot some of my favorite weddings this year that not only allowed me to showcase my growth as a creative to the world, but also allowed couples to see how they can express themselves uniquely through photography and video. 8. People Magazine Special Edition- I know I mentioned a People Magazine feature in #1, but I was actually featured in People Magazine three times this year. Again, beyond grateful. If you'd like to see the feature, check my BTS Highlight here. Yes, that's me in London - I really loved it there. I honestly didn't want to come back to Florida, lol. The food was so good. The fashion was top-notch. It reminded me of being back home in New York.

2019 IN A NUTSHELL This year was a great year for Unashamed Imaging despite some of the personal hardships in life. My couples really gave me the opportunity to use my talents and to be a part of their precious moments which I don't take for granted.

INSIDE MY PERSONAL LIFE Though I struggle at times to remember how resilient I've been, I am grateful to be in good health, to have loving parents that are teaching me new things everyday, to still have my dog Phenix who loves featuring herself in my Facebook Live's, and last but definitely not least, to be growing more as a woman. My journey ahead will still focus on my health, God, family, and then business. I've learned the value of "Taking care of yourself, so you can be better for others" as Solange Knowles says. I finally got to wear flannels for Christmas this year too. Every year I've wanted to do this and always got jealous of other families for doing it. This year, I spoke to my mother early on, showed her my shirt for Christmas and told her we have to do flannels. We made it happen and absolutely loved it! My Dad was a trooper for about fifteen minutes - this picture says it all, lol.

Unashamed Imaging Year in Review: Best of 2019

Here's one with me and my mother - We were taking a million selfies at this point so I grabbed one of the many.

Unashamed Imaging Year in Review: Best of 2019

INSIDE THE BUSINESS Again, a lot of great moments happened this year and I am truly grateful to embark on year 10 of Unashamed Imaging in 2020. Here are some moments during 2019 that I'm excited to share with you. Warning, some are bloopers and funny photos, you know, no one's life is perfect. Let's begin: Sometimes at weddings I do river dance moves - it's totally worth it when you really want to capture a moment.

Having a large wedding party? No worries, everyone listens to me when it's time to line up.

Night time shots don't scare me either and I'm so glad that my couples trust me.

For the love of detail shots, I will get on my knees to capture them for my Couples and Brides.

Can't forget about Instagram - the most popular photo this year was that of Jennie & Duane who are getting married in October of 2020!

Whenever I can, I take photos with my Couples - it doesn't always happen because the day goes by so fast, but it means a lot when I can do this. Plus who doesn't want to have a photo captured at the Luxmore Grande Estate.

I love double-exposures in wedding videos and photography because they help to tell more than one emotion.

Getting ready photos with the wedding party are still my favorite moments to capture. It's fun things with the girls and guys.

I may or may not squeeze my buttcheeks when taking portraits of couples - I like to be as still as possible, lol.

Occasionally Carter or Phenix like to sneak into my backseat during the year so they can come to my weddings - they never make it past the front driveway, lol.

Special Feature - My wedding was featured in Vocelles Bridal lookbook!

I even surprised a few of my Brides with hand deliveries of their prints, canvases, and wedding albums. I actually love doing this and want to incorporate this more in 2020. With a lot of my couples being out of state, sometimes it's hard to surprise them.

I discovered the Chicken Wrap at Chick-Fil-A this year year too - soooo good!

I'll climb on chairs to hang the dress and while wearing my MoneyMakers - one of my favorite pieces of equipment.

Back on my knees for those detail shots - it's totally worth it. Check out the photo after this one to see what I mean.

Did I mention I really love detail shots - here's the time that I used a luggage cart to set up the detail shots.

Oh yeah, Hurricane Dorian had no match for me and the Colston's. We survived it and still had an amazing wedding day. I can't wait to share this wedding on the blog officially, for now, here's a peek.

My work was featured on the Kelly Clarkson show as well - total nostalgia.

To all my amazing couples and clients: thank you so much for trusting me with some of the most important milestones of your life! I love you all and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and yours! Happy New Year and here's to YEAR 2020!


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