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What To Gift Your Wedding Vendors

What To Gift Your Wedding Vendors

Gifting your wedding day team has been an ongoing conversation when it comes to weddings. Some say that giving a gift isn't required because of the amount of money already spent to hire them, while others say any gesture serving as a thank you is quite alright. Truthfully neither are wrong, but if you are struggling with what you get or give your wedding day team as a gift, here’s a list of things you can do that your wedding day team will love. You can also combined some of these.: 1. Write a Review Writing a review is one the best "gift" you can give to your wedding day team. Reviews help your wedding day team to connect with other couples who will also like to have an experience with your wedding day team. 2. Gift card This is one of the easiest gift idea to give your wedding team. It can be of any amount, but at minimum most couples give $25-$50. This amount varies depending on how large your wedding day team is and your overall budget.

3. Send a special gift after the wedding This can be anything you like or maybe something of significance that you know the photographer likes. For example, I love Chick-Fil-A. So, my couples get me gift cards and I am in jubilee. 4. Thank you card There's nothing better than a thank you card from a couple after you've shot their wedding. Trust me when I say we are smiling from ear to ear when you send this to us. 5. Give a Tip Because your day is non-stop on a wedding day, my best advice to your with monetary tips is to keep each tip in a labeled envelope to your vendors. Have your Coordinator or someone from your wedding party that you trust give them out to each vendor. Create a signature form or sheet that each vendor signs as proof that your tip was given to them at the wedding.


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