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The Best Times To Get Married in Central Florida:
5 Tips to Help You Pick Your Wedding Date

5 Tips to Help You Pick Your Wedding Date

So the secret is out! You're engaged! Your family and friend know that you've got some planning to do, and now you've narrowed down your wedding location to Orlando, Florida. The good thing about this is that Florida is one of the best places to get married (couples literally get married every month), but it's also good to know the off seasons for weddings in Florida. 

Here are 5 Tips to help you choose your wedding date in the Central Florid area:


Tip #1: Slow Season Months - June, July & August

Some of the slowest months (also know as off season) are June, July, and August. These are some of the hottest months in Florida, so a lot of couples avoid these, however, it may make it easier for you to book your favorite wedding photographer or videographer because chances are bookings for them (during this time) are slow.

Narrow down your choices to at least five wedding photographers or videographers that you really like and reach out to all of them. Really take the time to listen to what they have to offer and see what collections match with what you're looking for.

Pricing for orlando wedding photographers or videographers is not really a good indicator either. If you're getting a lot for a little money that's equivalent to getting "bad quality for cheap". That's not what you want for your wedding celebration, so really think about what the wedding photographer or videographer is offering, what's in the collections that really sparks your emotions, and then ask about their booking process.

You also want to consider that choosing June, July, or August for your wedding celebration in Central Florida is great, but this is also the time when a lot of families and couples travel from out of town to visit Central Florida for the big mouse a.k.a. Disney World. 


Tip #2: Most Popular Wedding Months

For the same reason that most of the best wedding vendors and venues may have more availability during the slow season, it's the opposite during the peak season (also known as the best times to get married in central Florida). Because it's much cooler and less tourism, October and November are very popular months in Florida.

My best advice to you is to book your favorite vendor in advance, so you can lock their current rates, but also not miss out because most of my couples that book me for October and November weddings book at least 9-12 months in advance. 

Weekends are very popular too or considered prime-dates. Some wedding vendors may charge more for Saturday's, for weddings on a holiday, or holiday weekend - keep t his in mind.

All vendors matter, but some of the significant vendors (decision-making wise for you) to lock in are your: wedding photographer, wedding planner, and venue.

Tip #3:  Monday & Friday Wedding: Sure Why Not 

Don't be afraid to choose a wedding date on a Monday or Friday. In fact, I am seeing an increase in these days of  the week, so I wouldn't be surprised if weekday weddings start to take over weekend weddings - or at least become just as popular.

Some wedding photographers and videographers might prefer booking a weekday wedding for two reasons: (1) They still have the weekend too book a wedding - if they really want to, and (2) because it's less hectic traveling wise on a weekday wedding - everyone is at work so traffic is very light during the hours needed to travel and get around town for your wedding

Tip #4:  Avoid Hurricane Season if Your Can (September)

Hurricane season is real in Florida and September is usually the month for hurricanes. This doesn't mean don't get married during the month of September in Florida, but it does mean to think about some important things like: weather back-up plan for outdoor weddings in case of severe rain, time-management (a wedding planner can help with this), dress alternatives for Brides, storage of really important items so they don't get damaged by severe rain and weather.

The best times of year for Florida "wedding weather" are March through May and November through December. 


Tip #5: Choose The Right Time of Day 

Florida sun is real out there, lol. Meaning, you don't want the sun beaming in your face during your ceremony. Pay attention to Day Light Savings time for your ceremony start time. Ask your Wedding Planner or Venue Coordinator to help you with this as well. They know how the sun sets at the particular venue you're getting married at.


3 Tips to Stay Organized During Wedding Planning


After years of photographing weddings and being a part of a couples journey to becoming husband and wife, I've been able to take note of what it takes to plan a wedding. It's definitely not easy, but there are ways to make it less stressful. Whether you're planning an elaborate day or an intimate ceremony, they both come with their level of stress. You start with looking for reliable (keyword) wedding vendors, your bridal gown, the tux, who will be a part of your wedding party, the venue, your photographer and more.

If you're in planning right now, I'm sure reading that reminded you of what you have to get into, but that's what this piece is for. I'm here to give you three helpful tips that will help you with planning. They may seem small, but they're not and they will also help you streamline other aspects of your planning. 



I can't stress this factor enough. Organization will help you with all aspects of planning. When your venue wants to know what kind of linen or your color scheme you'll be good to go because you'll have this written down, in a section that you can go to. As a business owner, being organized helps me to do what I've been doing for eight years now. I have found that my Brides who were organized and had a plan were less stressed than those who didn't plan/weren't organized. 


This is essential and you don't have to pay for it. Head over to gmail and create your wedding email address. My couples have used their married-last name with the year, date of the wedding and month of the wedding at the end. This makes it easier for you to keep all of your wedding information in one space and it also allows your vendors to remember your email. Clients who had a wedding email address stood out more because it was different.

This doesn't mean they were special, what I mean is that it was easier to find their email because their email was more memorable. 


Even if you’re not sure where to start – a wedding timeline can help you tremendous; especially if you don't have a planner. If you do have a  planner than get with your planner about your wedding day timeline. You can also rate one with your photographer or videographer. I have worked with my UIBrides to create a photographer or videographer timeline.

The reason why the photographer or videographer timeline works well is because planners can also look at this and draft their timeline off of these details.

A professional planner knows how important it is to have a good timeline. 

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